Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Scramble 2-21-10


Welcome to another installment of the Sunday Scramble!  I won't be around this weekend but link up in any case!
  • I haven't seen my cousin, Chessie (Francesca) in oh, four years or so and boy do I miss her and her hubs, Michael!  But yay, they're down in FL from OH this week and by this weekend they'll be in my brother's neck of the woods.  Me, Jimmy and the girls will probably spend the weekend over there in a hotel so we can squeeze out as much Chessie time as possible.
  • My nephew, Jonny, is a thespian and Saturday night his drama club will be putting on a special event for family.  The "kids" (he's about to graduate from HS!) will be serving all of us dinner and then putting on short skits of their past plays.  I am the ONLY one in the family who has never seen any of his plays so I cannot wait to see even these abbreviated versions.
  • Sunday is Gianna's 4th birthday!  Jill is having the whole family at her house for dinner and cake and I just can't wait!  I haven't seen sis since Christmas Eve!!!  This will be Jill's very first time hosting a family dinner at her house.  Her old house just wasn't conducive to entertaining and The Asshole always made the thought of it an unpleasant experience anyway.
  • Jimmy has totally got me hooked on Dan Brown's books.  I'm currently reading The Da Vinci code and I love love loves it!  If you've never read these books, I highly suggest it.  Just the amount of research that goes into his work is absolutely amazing.  And because so much of it is factual, it will truly make you think about and ponder things you've always believed to be one way and consider them being a different way.  Can't explain it... you'll just have to see for yourself.
  • Because of The Da Vinci Code I really really would love to pick up a book of Leonardo Da Vinci's work.  This man was odd to be sure, but also brilliant. He was commissioned to paint many Christian scenes, but he was a pagan and painted his own beliefs right into these commissions!  Take The Last Supper.  Notice that one of the 12 men is in fact a woman, the one sitting just to Jesus's right, your left.  
  • Research shows, and many believe that is Mary Magdalene, who was Jesus's wife.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The other belief is that The Holy Grail is actually Mary Magdalene, or more specifically her womb.  The words Holy Grail in ancient times (then spelled Sang Real) meant "royal blood".  The premise here being that she carried Jesus's child and gave birth to her after he was crucified.  This would mean that there are descendants of Christ!  Controversial, no?

    • Who's been watching the Olympics?  I haven't!  I know, I know, I'm so not showing American pride.  But Mmmm... Apollo Ohno.  Oh boy is this guy HOT!

    • Grape Nuts cereal.  Ewww... totally disgusting, don't you agree?   And what was Post thinking when they named this cereal?  There are no grapes in the recipe, nor are there any nuts.  Just wheat and barley.  I can bring up the taste of this cereal any time I like, and I don't like.  It was kind of sour.  How the hell can a dry cereal be sour?  And what made Post think it was a good idea to create a cereal that was the texture of, say, rocks??? 
    Mmmm... wheat meal.  Sounds delish.  So delish I think we should heat it up until it's steaming like a big pile of poo.

    • Don't you feel so cleansed when your refrigerator is totally clean?  I attacked mine last night with a bottle of 409, paper towels and some hot, soapy water.  It looks great, no?


    There's just one teensy problem.  I can now plainly see that I have no food!!!

    Although, if you need butter or a pickle, I apparently have you covered.

    • *Edited Friday night*  This just in!  The Asshole is back in jail again!  Woot woot!  And this time it looks like it might be an actual prison sentence instead of just jail time.  Thank you Asshole, for breaking the injunction and your probation simultaneously!
    • A slightly enhanced conversation between Jimmy and and American Express:
    Jimmy:  Hi there.  I'm in need of a new card immediately.

    Amex:  No problem Mr. Jimmy.  Has your card been lost or stolen?

    Jimmy:  Erm.  No.

    Amex:  Has your card expired and we failed to send a new one?

    Jimmy:  Erm. No.

    Amex:  Well, Mr. Jimmy we'd be happy to replace your card.  Just out of curiosity, what is the reason for your request?

    Jimmy:  Ermmmmm.

    Amex:  Sir?

    Jimmy:  My dog ate it.

    I'm so glad you stopped by again this week!  Your continued visits and comments are so precious to me!

    Now what are you waiting for?  Link up and scramble with me!

    Pssst! If you love me, you might love my stupid sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

    27 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

    • Chocolate Covered Daydreams

      That is the cutest breakfast plate ever! Too cute to eat!

      I'm thrilled that the a**hole is back in prison.

      Wow! Gianna is going to be 4? Kids are sure growing up fast, huh?

      Strudel takes cute is that?

    • Gucci Mama

      Linked up!

      Very glad to hear about the prison term. I hope it takes a load of stress off of both of you.

      Strudel is a naughty puppy. I love him.

    • Amy

      YES.. I love when my fridge is all clean and shiney. Literally each time I open it for the next few days.. I'm like.. ooohh... its so SHINEY! Seriously.. my life is that dull.. HA!

      Prison.. oh my.. if that word is being tossed around I can only assume it's going to make life "safer"? Glad the AH is getting what he deserves.

      Who even eats Grape~nuts?.. blech....

      Poor Strudel.... she is always in trouble isn't she?

      Sorry I didn't link up this week. My week has been snowed in.. and boring as hell! I have nothing to blog about, not even boring stuff. I'll try to be less boring this week, and link up next K?

      Later Gator.. have fun with your family!!

    • MommaPebz

      I know that CC thing probably wasn't funny at the time, but that is just SO cute!!! Gotta love puppies! =)

    • Brianne

      I wish my fridge were so clean!

      And ew, I hate Grape Nuts. They even STINK. My mom loves them. She even loves the Grape Nuts flakes. (Like that's any better...) They really are like rocks, and remind me of some sort of animal feed.

    • Screwed Up Texan

      The card cracked me up. My dog has a thing with toothbrushes. She wont chew on dog toys (oh no Heaven forbid!), but will only chew on our toothbrushes. Hence why I buy our dental care at the dollar store.

    • Life on the Edge

      It may be terrible to say, but I am glad that Jill's ex is back in jail. Some guys never learn, and it sounds like he won't behave. Glad they will be safe.

      How cool that you're getting to see your cousin! We're supposed to be getting yet another winter storm tonight, so I bet she is thrilled to be in Florida. I am craving someplace warm.

      I love the Dan Brown books. Read Angels and Demons and DaVinci Code last year when I was recovering from surgery. He sure does have some interesting theories! I have not yet read his latest book.

      Bad, bad Strudel! lol


    • Jenny

      Hope you're off having fun somewhere. I was going to link but my post isn't scrambled. Can I link to a previous Sunday post? For some reason I was actually focused today....sounds like Jill has a lot on her shoulders...I'm sorry.

    • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

      You are probably off having the best time ever right now, as you should be! :)

      I guess I'm weird - I actually do like Grape Nuts. Though I rarely buy it...I think my mom made it seem 'special' because it was HER cereal us kids couldn't touch, but every once in a while she'd let us have some as a 'treat' - but we had to measure out EXACTLY 1/4 cup and couldn't have any more than that. :)

      SO glad the A*hole is back in prison. That means Gianna's birthday celebration will be drama-free! ;)

      I almost choked on the part of Strudel eating Jimmy's credit cards - I could so see Rolex doing the same. ;)

    • Sassy Pants Freckle Face

      CRAZY DOG!!!!!!!

      Happy Sunday!

    • Picket

      Wow girl that was a lot of scramble!!! lol I love a clean fridge and girl you are gonna have to do something about Strudel...we will be reading about her on the 6 o'clock news...I heard of dogs swallowing knives even!!!! Happy birthday to Jill's little one and I hope all goes well for her and the girls....take care girl...see ya on the farm ~Picket~

    • wendy

      That dog of yours is a handful for sure.
      It will be fun for you to visit some family members this weekend--OR WILL IT?
      I love family get togethers.
      I have only read the DaVinci Code --not any of his others. It was very good. I didn't see the movie though.
      I like grape nuts with yogurt.
      You HAVEN'T BEEN WATCHING THE OLYMPICS,...even as I type this I am watching USA/Canada hockey game.
      I really enjoy the Olympics.
      nice fridge----didn't see anything cakeish in there??

      and, once again, your dog is a maniac.
      hope you had a good weekend

    • Jason, as himself

      Have you read Angels and Demons yet? That needs to be your next Dan Brown book. I liked it even better than Da Vinci Code.

      And. May I have a pickle?

    • bj

      Oh, Tiney...this was an extra great post! Enjoyed all of it...and can't believe Strudle ate the card! GOOD GRIEF!!
      HUGS, bj

    • Rachelle

      Your fridge looks great! I cannot believe Studel ate Jimmy's credit card! Too funny! I'm happy you got to spend some time with your cousin and it sounds like you have some fun family times coming up. Give my best to Jill and the girls - hope they are doing alright. Happy Birthday to Gianna - I'm sure her party will be terrific!

    • Grand Pooba

      Oh dear Strudel. Maybe you should just get her a credit card of her own.

      Oh I love Dan Brown! I can't wait until you read Angels and Demons, that one is my fav!!!

      Thespian is such a wierd word.

    • Ginger

      Your fridge looks so clean, but I laughed when you said you don't have any food but pickles and butter. I thought the same thing when I looked inside it, lol. Mine always looks empty too after I clean it.
      Strudel sounds like my son's dog, Goliath. Always getting into something.
      I hope the visit with your cousin was fun.
      Glad to hear that the stupid ass is in trouble again. He'll never learn.

    • Life with Kaishon

      Justine! You are just a barrel of laughs : ) I have to start reading every day so I will know who all the characters in your life are : ) SO excited for Jonny! Hope his play was awesome. So thankful that the a($ is in prison since he clearly caused your family stress : )

      Hope you have a wonderful week!

      PS I have to clean my freaking fridge! Thanks for reminding me!

    • Mayhem and Moxie

      Are we living the same life, Justine? That, or maybe we are mystically related?

      Let's review the facts:

      1) My name is Francesca and your cousin's name is Francesca.
      2) My sister's name is Gianna and your niece's name is Gianna.

      The proof is in the pudding.

    • Shelia

      Justiney!! Oh, your fridge looks so good. I would never show the inside of mine! Strudel ate credit cards
      ! Ouch!!
      Did you know your won the set of dishes at Gollums? I was just there. Hurry over and let her know. Lucking little you!
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia ;)

    • Tootsie

      glad to hear things are looking up for Jill...I hope they keep going her way for a while

    • santamaker

      Hey girl, Saturday at the aquarium, I could have sworn that I saw you..OMG...I had one of those moments were I thought, do I take the chance of looking stupid and call your name, or the time I had processed this in my head, " you " disappeared into the crowd. I guess it wasn't you, was it?
      I'm a big fan of Dan Brown as well. Starting to read < The Lost Symbol>.

    • bj

      Well, girlfriend, I came by to see what you won from sweet Gollum and....where is it??

    • Sassy Pants Freckle Face

      I awarded you, come and see!!!!!!!!

    • Jenny

      Congratulations on your awesome dishes! Woo hoo for you!

    • Mariah

      That whole thing about Mary Magdaline (sp?) is interesting. I took a catholicism class, a deep one. there are so many inconsistencies. Controversial for sure!!

      Um, my fridge?? NOT GONNA SEE THE INSIDE OF IT! It's frightening. Glad to hear Jill is doing better.

      How many things did I spell wrong in this comment??

    • Sue

      Could you come make my fridge look that pretty?