Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday Scramble

  • Bon Jovi.  I think I'm on overload here.  Ever since Jimmy announced tickets to the Circle concert on April 17th, Madison has lived, breathed and sung Bon Jovi.  Non-stop.  This morning Jimmy was kidding around with her, kind of talking in Bon Jovi lyrics code.  He'd say a random line in a song and Madison would always know the next.  Then he'd say, "Madison, who worked on the docks?"  She'd say, "Tommy.".  Jimmy would say, "Who is Tommy's girlfriend?"  Madison would say, "Gina!"
  • At one point, Jimmy said, "Madison, Mommy says you're much too obsessed with Jon Bon Jovi and she thinks you need a therapist.  I found a great doctor to bring you to.  His name is Dr. Richie Sambora."  Madison says, "Nice try.  That's the guitarist!"
  • Is this at all normal for an 8-year-old?
  • The Bachelor.  He's sweet, he's romantic, he's hot hot hot.


    • But if he doesn't discard this bimbo this week I just may lose all respect for him.

        • Bitchayla strikes again.  This time, she desecrated my Robert Pattinson calendar.  

            • I now have something tucked away in the hall closet to show definitive proof of how much stuff Strudel destroys and consumes in a month.  It's called, The Strudel Box:  Dum Dum Dum!!!  Yes, that is its name and it's quickly filling up.  At the end of the month I'll dump it and take pictures for all to see.  

              • I think I may need a bigger box.

                Case in point:
                All that other stuff on the floor?  Clean laundry she decided looked better gracing the carpet rather than the laundry basket.

                • You can be mad at her so often and for so many different things, but then you catch moments like this.

                  I will overlook the fact that A) she's not allowed on the couch and, B) she's also using MY blankie!

                    • Sinead!!!!  She came over yesterday!  Oh, it was so good to clap eyes on her after 8 years.  She came sans family, and her and I went out for a very late lunch, then I brought her into Publix to show her the glory that is my favorite supermarket.  She bought plungers and shit. It was awesome.
                    • It's really kind of bizarre how long we've been friends (35 years) and how long it's been since we've even lived in the same state, and how after an hour or so of being together it just went back to being comfortable and easy.
                    • Sinead does not like TV.  So much so that she does not allow cable in her house.  No, not extended cable.  BASIC cable.   Does this sound odd to anyone else, or is it just me and my whole family that think she's a bit nutso?
                    • I made her watch an episode of Ghost Hunters International.  I think she likey.  
                    • No pictures of Nade because she's a privacy freak and I want to respect that.  Well no, I don't want to, but I feel I have to for the sake of a life-long friendship.  
                    • Sinead called me this afternoon to thank me for yesterday.  Awwww... isn't that just so sweet?  But then?  She turned into the psycho velcro friend we both agreed we abhor!  It went something like this:  "When can I come over with all my boys?  Saturday?  Oh, you're busy then?  Are you sure?  How about Sunday?  HowAboutTodayRightNowWeCanBeInTheCarAndAtYourHouseIn30Minutes..."
                    • *crickets*
                    • Okay, so I exaggerate a tiny bit.  But like I told Sinead, I'm not used to having a close friend to make plans with.  I generally don't do plans.  I tell ya one thing, oldest and dearest friend or not, if she starts showing up unannounced I shall denounce her as my oldest and dearest and then skip town.  Sorry Nade. 

                        •  Mikayla pointed this out to me this week.  (days of the week):  MTWTFSS.
                        • Should I be proud?  Or scared, perhaps? 

                          • Jimmy is going to Puerto Rico on business on Monday.  Sonofabitch.

                            Favorite Bloggy Quote of the Week:

                            • This week comes to us via Shelley (Ooh shit, am I allowed to use your real name?) of ThatGirl Blogs.
                            "Even though TheTeen calls hamburger “carcass,” she wanted to help in the kitchen so she made dinner with me.  Sweet right?  Um, yeah, imagine making this dish with a Middle Schooler.  “How big do you want your balls, Mom? You’re going to brown the balls?  Gross!” Fits of giggles.  Snorting.  Doubling over.  She even found some innuendo in the “creamy” potatoes.  Sigh.  Thankfully, TheLittles a) will eat carcass and b) are too busy telling fart jokes to laugh at ball jokes."
                            I was so glad to find out I'm not the only one that makes inappropriate anatomy jokes with my child.

                            Now come on peeps, link up and join the fun!!!

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                            27 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

                            • roy/elisabeth dean

                              Hey Sweetie! I can't wait to see Dr. Destructo's box! Joe Cocker is really trying to make him proud around here lately. I think he just needs more attention!
                              Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Your Sunday Scramble picture makes me so hungry~

                            • Amy

                              Love me some BonJovi ANNNDD The Bachelor....yumm-io! :)

                            • Jo

                              I will be joining in the inappropriate anatomy jokes - this house was always gd for some kind of bodily fluid funny - now all 3 are grown it hasn't gotten any better...only fouler (if thats a word) its now a competition/sport around here

                            • niartist

                              I DO come by and read your posts. I just never get around to commenting ... it happens. I know, I know, I'll be better! :) You know I look forward to your comments on my posts! I'll post on yours more! I used to get emails when you posted something new - but now I don't?

                            • Cole

                              Hey, defacing Robert Pattinson is NOT allowed!!

                              Look at Strudel. She looks so sweet and innocent!

                              I've never gotten into the Bachelor...but I hear that this season is a doozy.

                            • KK

                              Love Bon Jovi, these 5 words I swear to you.... My Golden drags the laundry around the house. I don't know why they do that!!

                            • Tootsie

                              Bon Jovi is a good thing girl...could be worse..she could be trying to become Lady GaGa!!! lol

                              Just my opinion...but although very handsome...the Bachelor is a flake...and yes..he needs to get rid of bimbo of the hour...

                              Strudel...ship her this way...I love her face!!!

                              and since it is after 1:30 am...I am tired and can't remember what I was going to say next!

                            • NurseChessie

                              michael says all my anatomy jokes are lame, but why is it that I never grow tired of a penis joke? I think he's just jealous of my clever/filthy mind.
                              hmmmm... not sure about sinade. I think it would be awkward to have someone move near you after all that time and still expect the same type of friendship. plus I don't really wanna leave my house that often?
                              love ya
                              (btw I'm gonna be seing you in 1 week) yay!

                            • angie

                              Speaking of Bon Jovi.........I've heard more from him on the radio this week than in the past decade! I'm working on my Sunday Scramble for next week now. :)

                            • Brianne

                              Wow, the bachelor is yummy looking! No! Not the Edwa..(*ahem) Rob Pattinson calendar!! I can't wait to see what's in the Strudel Box! She really is such a cute little dog though. I couldn't stay mad at that face! That's how you know when you're true best friends, when it's been years, but you can fall back into each others lives like you had never been apart. I L O V E Ghost Hunters!! I'm still in the boogers and farts stage with the kids, I guess what you would say the body FUNCTIONS phase. Can't wait for the body PARTS phase! (Or can I?)

                            • Life on the Edge

                              I finally got my Sunday Scramble post up.

                              Madison is too funny with the Jon Bon Jovi stuff. He's actually a pretty good artist for her to be following. She's pretty sharp about her Bon Jovi knowledge!

                              As for Mickayla, she would be DEAD MEAT for descrating the Robert Pattinson calendar!

                              I don't follow The Bachelor, but I agree, the man is HOTTTT!

                              We are no strangers to anatomy and bodily fluid (and gasses)jokes around my house. I have boys 17 and 21 and they are gross, gross, gross, I tell you!


                            • Shelia

                              Hey, Justiney! Oh, Bon Jovi is a cutie! Now I'm so glad you've had a great time with your friend!
                              Oh the little stinker Strudel!! But you've got a point - a darling pup! :)
                              Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Friend.
                              Be a sweetie,
                              Shelia ;)

                            • Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria

                              Oh Justine I can't wait to see the Strudel closet...I just bet its filled with stuff...I know I had a Golden remember...It eat tennis balls for lunch...ha ha!! Hope you are having a GREAT VD girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

                            • Amy

                              Sorry I'm late, just linked up, and I'll be back to catch up!

                            • Ginger

                              I think Strudel looks adorable sleeping on the forbidden couch. I am dog sitting my daughter's dogs and the pup is getting into everything, Strudel style. (this is the pup who ate mice poison).
                              I like the bachelor but don't like Vienna. I call her sausage. lol.
                              Glad your best friend is close by again.
                              Sounds like you might be having some fun while Jimmy is gone, now that you have a friend to pal around with.

                            • AndreaLeigh

                              oh, I want to go to a bon jovi concert!!!!!

                              jake is an idiot. he's the worst bachelor in the history of bachelors. sausage is a ho bag who is just out to promote her fun bags (fake fun bags at that) and you watch, she'll end up winning.

                              and what self respecting 34 year old dates girls who are 10 years younger? gross jake! you are a tool!

                            • Shelia

                              Hi Justiney! Thanks for popping in to see our baby shower. To answer your question, the doctor says the baby is a little over five pounds now and should be about a seven pounds or so when baby's born. She is carrying the baby very very low. In the flesh - her belly is pretty big. But I do agree - it does look like a small baby bump! :)
                              Continue to be a sweetie,
                              Shelia ;)

                            • Amy

                              Bon Jovi... yummy! He is on my Iphone. I tell ya.. Strudel really knows how to turn on the sympathy look when she is caught in the act. You are one patient puppy in training mama! How fun to have your bff back in town. Cut her some slack.. she's new in town.. right? Wow.. Jimmy travels A LOT.

                              Oh.. and I would gladly trade you my 20 degree temps. many, many inches of snow, and ice for your sunshine and 60 degree temps ANY DAY!

                            • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

                              Ooooh! Bon Jovi and the Bachelor all in one post! I'm in heaven! :) I'm with you on the bimbo - there's just something really 'off' about her...she bugs me!

                              Very cool that your friend moved within visiting distance of you! :)

                              Heh, Strudel does the same shit that Rolex does - and I bet he's fast on stealing things to chew up, isn't he? But oh so cute! :)

                              Happy Valentine's Day! :)

                            • Rachelle

                              I love Bon Jovi too! I have seen them in concert twice (in my younger days). My husband knows that I will totally leave him in a heartbeat for Jon Bon Jovi! Great scramble Justine!

                            • Tabby

                              Oh I would be playing the Bon Jovi game with them! When I was young and crazy I was obsessed with Bon Jovi, I have seen them 6 times at least! Ok who drew on Robert Pattison???? I love him even though it does border on cradle robbing. I have a super sexy new picture of him, I will email it to you. That strudel is too funny with the clothes hanger hanging out of his mouth, just can't wait to see his box of mass destruction!

                            • blueviolet

                              Strudel looks so innocent and she's NOT NOT NOT!!!! She's the biggest doggy stinker ever!!!!

                              So glad you have your friend around now! Fun!!!

                              He seriously needs to dump Vienna tonight!!!!!

                            • Life with Kaishon

                              Every time I come to visit here I just can not stop smiling. Seriously : ) You make me laugh so much!

                            • Grand Pooba

                              Ok, I'm not even old enough to be in love with John Bon Jovi. Please, take her to a doctor (not the guitarist.)

                              Strudel totally has you whipped!

                            • Mariah

                              I need a puppy box too! The stuff that gets destroyed aroun here is almost comical

                            • Sara's Sweet Surprise

                              J~How exciting to have Sinead back in your hood. You're off to a good start by converting her in GHI, wait till the new season of GH starts, she'll be in for a real paranormal treat. Hmmm, no TV, I could never, not ever be without a TV!!! I've got one in almost every room in my house and they run 24/7.
                              I did have to go without while visiting my son and DIL. Fortunately I had my lap top with me. I watched Glee online. It's a cute show, I'd never watched it before.

                              Sweet wishes,

                              P.S. Do you remember that new blogger I sent you to? She was real funny. You said you added her to your roll. I forgot who and where she was. Can you remind me of her blog spot? And no it wasn't Wendy.

                            • Life with Kaishon

                              Did I tell you that Bon Jovi came to our job to help build a playground when the Real World was there? It's true. He is cute. Tiny though. I am not a fan of tiny people : )