Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What the Hell is THAT? Answers Revealed!


Yes people, this actually is my skin.  Many of you guessed this correctly which surprised me.  Both Madison and Jimmy looked at the picture and said, "It's water."  Water is obviously the one thing missing from this image!  My skin is dry dry dry!!!


Mom is a dolphin freak and this is only one of her light-up dolphin thingies.


While at my parents' new place, I was walking around the yard and spotted their neighbor's cool papaya tree.  Isn't it pretty?


I knew no one would get this one.  I actually love the way this picture turned out.  Who would guess that it's the dirty, leftover charcoal from our last grilled dinner?


Okay, so this one was impossible to guess.  It's part of the back of my car.  This is what it looks like after Jimmy and the girls took it camping.  Ugh.


Very few guessed this correctly, which just goes to show you that when viewed from a different perspective, even the most common everyday things can stump you.

One again, this was so much fun!  Now I have to be on the hunt for more unexplainable pictures to stump you with!

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