Friday, August 28, 2009

School? Ptooey!!!

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I lived for summers and really disliked school. I would say I hated it, but that would be a bit harsh. I also happened to be the lucky recipient of some really scary-mean teachers. Kindergarten was Mrs. Lahomadou and boy was she a witch! Okay, I probably shouldn't be saying that, as she was old as dirt when I had her, so she's surely on the other side now. She was still mean though. Neener neener!

She actually looked quite a bit like this lady.

First grade was better when I had Mrs. Martin. She was pretty, young, and had long, shiny, flowing blonde hair. I remember her as being nice, but I also recall that when she did get mad her extremely thin lips would turn white and pucker up into this wrinkled circle. Looking back now, I can only compare her pucker face to an asshole. No, not Jimmy! A real asshole!

Kinda like this

I seem to have totally forgotten second grade. Wow, how the hell did that happen?

Third grade was even worse than kindergarten. I had Mrs. Pressman. Oh boy, royal bitch! She had these incredibly bulgy eyes and when she got mad, which was often, they'd bulge to such a degree you'd think they'd just pop out, hanging on a thread of muscular tissue. Once again, I can look back now and figure the poor woman probably had Grave's disease, thus the protruding eyes. She was still a total bitch nevertheless.

Very similar to this. Egads, that IS scary!

Don't worry, I'm not going to lead you through my entire school career, year by year, teacher by teacher. I'm mean, but not completely cruel ya know. All of this was just to lead up to the fact that...

My girls both love school!

What the hell is up with that anyway?

Last year's 6th grade curriculum kicked Mikayla's ass. She's in what they call pre-AP classes, which are advanced and start teaching the kids proper study habits and such for high school. She struggled the whole year academically, but still? She loves school! She loves learning. She loves (Gasp, spit, hiss, boo!) math!!! This cannot be my child.

Madison, now in 3rd grade, is in her third year of the laptop program. Each day she not only carries her backpack on the bus, but also her big honkin' Mac laptop. This kid can surf the web with the best of them and do PowerPoint presentations in her sleep.

Although Madison lacks even an ounce of common sense, she is wicked smart and adores learning. Animals are her specialty and if this child does not grow up to be a veterinarian I will be totally surprised.

This past Monday my girls started back to school. First off was Mikayla. Her bus picks her up at the ungodly hour of 7:00 a.m. Are they friggin' kidding me? Notice it's just getting light out as we leave for the bus stop.

The kid is a total peanut, but man, those legs go on forever, don't they?

I love embarrassing her at the bus stop. It's what I do people, and I'm damn good at it! Each day, just as she's about to slam the car door, in a very loud and silly voice, I yell, "Baaaaahhheee!" That's "bye" in Tiney-speak.
Next up was Madison, whose bus comes at a more agreeable time of 8:03. Notice how she clipped her bangs back. This is because Mommy forgot to get her a bang trim before school started. She did get one that very night though. Madison refused to let me fix her hair pretty. Geesh, the independence!

Bye bye baby! Have a great day!

When she was getting on the bus, I actually held my breath watching her try to pull herself and the weight of all she was carrying up those steep steps. She did it!So, another school year has started and to me that means cool weather. So where the hell is it? Why must I live in this sub-tropical climate where the air is as thick as pea soup? Where is my autumn? Where are my pretty colored leaves? Where is my snow and frostbitten fingers? Damn La Florida!!!

So off they went on their merry way, and so did I.

Right back to bed!

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29 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Yaya

    Cute pics.

    They train teachers a lot differently now. Everything is child-centered and hands-on these days.

  • Jill

    I seem to remember buying Mikayla like 8 pairs of earrings for her birthday and I've yet to see them in her damn EARS!

  • Amy

    My kiddo's have been back to school for 2 weeks. I gotta tell ya, I'm liking it. They like it too, even my 15 yr. old sophomore. I LOVE summer break, but 3 months is long enough for me. Enjoy some free time Tiney! Go treat yourself!

  • Lori

    Emily went back to school last Thursday... She's in 7th grade and she loves school as well. What gives????????? My hubby takes her to school... He's the computer guy at her school. This year all seniors have laptops provided by the school... How cool is that??? Next year all students will have laptops...
    I'm up at 5am and at work a 7am... That is way to early for me...
    The last photo reminds me of my bulldog... just a gross and stupid looking...

    Have a great weekend.

  • Cole

    Boy, your girls are smart!! I do NOT miss getting up that early for school. Come to think of it... I still get up that early, but now I get paid for it. :-)

  • roy/elisabeth dean

    Molly is just completing her 3rd week of school and is LOVING it! Only overslept 1 time, otherwise is up early for her prerequisite 2 hours of primp time before high school!
    Bet your house is quiet~

  • squawmama

    Wow the girls are really growing in just the year that I have known you... They are such beautiful young ladies. You know they are the same ages as my granddaughters... I guess that means I could be your mom...☺☺☺

    Have Fun!

    ps... Thanks for the spell check... maybe I should be going back to school with them ☺☺☺

  • Donna Marie


    Mikayla and Madison look so cute!!! Mikayla's shoes are too cute! She looks like a little lady!:)

    My Michaela goes back on Sept. 8th. She has freshman orientation on the 2nd, but school officially starts on the 8th. She will be in uniform again. (Roman Catholic School) I will take pics...:)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Donna Marie

  • NurseChessie

    did you really just put up a pic of someones mouth puckered like an asshole? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    And OMG, is that girl wearing high heels on her first day of school? like she doesn't already have long beautiful legs... bitch. lol.
    Madison looks so cute, those screwed up teeth just make her even more cute!

  • Michele

    OMG, what adorable pictures. I can't believe what they're teachin kids these days. And the fact that Madison has a laptop??? Wowser!

    Maybe you should come up here to Wisconsin and spend some time in the cool's only supposed to be 60 degrees for a high this weekend!


  • Elizabeth

    You gotta take the 1st day pictures! I even took them of myself when I was teaching! You should've let Madison's bangs grow out into "long bangs" that's what the girls here are all wearing.
    I love the walk down memory lane of the teachers! I may have to steal that idea for a post.
    Hey, I posted my Christmas earrings today just for you and the others who wanted to see them!

  • Ginger

    I'm with you on school, I hated it. Well, elementary I liked, but jr. high and high school were awful.
    Mikayla looks cute in her back to school clothes and new shoes. Yep, 7 am is too early. Madison looks like she is moving away from home with all that stuff. What the heck is she taking to school? She looks cute too. Give them a day or two and lets see if those smiles disappear. You know, when they are sitting there doing homework.

  • Rachelle

    It's great the girls love school! They look beautiful in the pictures! Sorry you didn't like school - I hated math too!

  • bj

    ahhh, Tiney, your girls are so cute and look at those HIGH heels..
    I love it that they like school..and math...

  • Jill

    I think it's great that the girls love school........I am really hoping and praying Alex does this year. It's her first year of middle school and right now she is gung ho about having a locker.

    You shouldn't be going back to bed.........lazy butt!

    Love ya,

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    First day of school...sigh! I remember it well when my kids were little. They would be so excited and my heart would be breaking just a wee bit!

    My youngest just started his junior year at the vocational school. Next year will be his last year, then all my babies will be done with school. Waaaaah!

    The girls look adorable!


  • blueviolet

    Your girls are so beautiful! I can't believe you embarrassed her like that. Yes, I can. What am I saying?

    Back to bed with nobody hassling you. Sweet school year bliss.

  • Tootsie

    they are both just the cutest things!!! I loved school....loved it!!!
    My kids go back on Tuesday....I hate the thought. This summer slipped by too fast...and...I HATE MAKING LUNCHES!!!!

  • Amy K.

    I can beat you on the nasty teacher thing. My kindergarten teacher used to pull kids around by their hair. Yes, that was a kindergarten teacher! On day, I made the mistake of getting up out of my seat to look at the chicks in the incubator, and I kid you not, she pulled me up in the air *by my hair*! I told my mom. A month or so later, we had a new kindergarten teacher.

    I think in this day and age, teachers are just watched more around kids. Heck, everyone's watched more around kids. Teachers today can't get away with the things our teachers used to put us through.

    Your girls are beautiful! I wish I could've worn cute shoes like that in the 7th grade. :)

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Oh, the girls are so cute. Those are quite the chic bangs Madison had there! LOL!
    I wonder if all the other pre teens are as sexually informed as young Mikayla? I think it will be easier telling a boy. Well, maybe not. That look on her face with the book is hilarious!!

    Shattering... let's see. When your hair is cut blunt it is like a flat paint brush. To shatter you go in with a razor or other tool and break up the ends so they're more feathery and uneaven, more like a feather duster...

    Yeah I beleive in ghosts, that's why you won't catch me going to any of those places! LOL! Ok.. but there is one house that I want to go to near St. Louis because my mom and her fam lived there when she was young and it's supposed to be haunted.

    I LOVE Savannah! Did you go to Lady and Son's? Did you eat gelato there? OMG. Yum.

    Your Fri. frags cracked me UP. That eye booger growth is really weird. Have you tried to lance it yourself, other than pinching it?

    Is Strudle still eating cat crap?

  • xinex

    I know I have told you often enough, Justine, but you are so funny! I am glad your girls love school. They are so cute! And Strudel has grown quite a bit...Christine

  • mrsben

    Some our kids started back to shcool last week while others begin next week. I really do feel sorry for them; as we didn't have much of a summer (lots 'n lots of rain, few warm days) so don't look to me for sympathy girl because it is HOT.....grin.

    Your girls are adorable Justine, just like their MOM.
    Hugs, hugs -Brenda-

  • Cathy

    The laptop program sounds pretty cool. Last year G's 10 year old was working on a power point at her mom's and wanted our help. She brought it over and started to show us and we were was awesome. The only thing she needed help with was changing the print from 1 slide per page to 3.. that's it. We sat there with our mouths dropped open going OMGGGGGG.

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    Love the kid's pictures - they're so adorable! Those backpacks look so big & heavy too.

    Is Mikayla a midget like her mom?!?

    Hmmm, did you think your teachers may have been difficult because you MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN BEHAVING PROPERLY?!?


  • cindy

    Your girls are darling! I liked school, but only for the social part of it...not the class part..yuk!.....I will send you some snow this winter....

  • Lavender Chick

    I guess these days it's "cool" to like school. Cute, cute girls!

  • Tami

    Your girls are BEAUTIFUL. Wish I could go back to bed!

    I'm so there on Monday, I called in SICK!

  • Kristen

    I can't wait until my daughter is in school all day...everyday. This year we are putting her in preschool for three days a week. Think of all the stuff I can do! It won't be cleaning...

  • Grand Pooba

    Just look at Madison and her high heels! My first pair of high heels were 1/2 inchers. Yeah I couldn't walk in them.

    You have such cute girls! And such ugly teachers, especially the asshole one!

    I was going to spell especially like expecially just to piss you off but then I figured I've pissed you off enough for one day!