Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Year In Review: My Backyard Critters

If you've been coming by The Froggy Bloggy for any amount of time, you know by now that I love all things 4-legged, whether they're covered in fur, scales, or slimy skin. So I thought it would be fun to review some of the critters that have crossed my path and brightened my life in the past year.

I'm sure a lot of you remember, Rocky? I miss him terribly, but am happy to announce that my friend across the street, Missie, has kindly adopted him for me. He's off his diet of Ritz and Trix and has now moved up to the finer things, like the corn cobs Missie leaves out for him.

He even liked macaroni and cheese, but would not touch the icky Gorton's fish.

Some didn't believe me when I told them Rocky learned his name and would come out of the woods when I called him. So, one night I taped it for proof!
Please excuse the mess. I was selling fish tanks and we were in the process of moving from one house to another. That grill is now in the garbage.

I'm not much of a bird person. Like I said, I like 4-legged critters. But once in a while you've just got to look up and appreciate your feathered friends.

Woodpeckers are really cool, don't you think?

And cardinals are super pretty.

This next little guy wasn't in my yard, but instead, my brother Jeff's. He liked to hang out on his patio umbrella. Yes, I even love bats!

Not the clearest pictures, 'cause they were taken with my cell phone.

It's obvious that I love frogs. Here's a cute little guy I found on my flower pots a few months ago.

He's counting.



I'm guessing there are a lot of you that have never heard the call of the green tree frog. It's a sound that I absolutely adore, and one night last summer I captured it with my camera. Pitch black so you can't see anything, but turn up your volume to hear one of my favorite sounds.

The little lizards are our bug-eating friends too!

Remember these two getting it on just a couple months back?

And then there were babies. Madison is just like her mama and loves the lizards. You can often find her chasing them down so she can have them crawl on her. I don't know if you can tell just how little this one is, but he's so adorable. He eventually walked up her arm and into her hair.

This next guy isn't 4-legged, he isn't cute and I do not love him. But, as I was sitting here at the computer he crawled right in front of me, so a picture was necessary. Right before I squished his ass.

This little guy was inside my screen room just the other night. He was getting closer and closer to the light, hoping to find something to snack on.

Oh look! It's one of his friends on the outside! Well hello there my amphibious buddy!

Last summer I sold a fish tank to a sweet girl named Jenn, and at my request she brought her hedgehog along when she came to pick it up.

Meet Wedgie.

Who could forget Angelina Jolie, "One Ugly Bitch"? We did some dog sitting for Jimmy's former Administrative Assistant.

You just gotta love a face like that.

Missie, across the street, has a whole pack of dogs. Okay, not quite a pack, but five. Here are three of my favorite. The pug, Nigel, loves to carry the chihuahuas, Chico and Mojo, around in his back pockets. Is this cute, or what?

And of course, this past April, Strudel came to live with us, and her half sister, Cannoli went to live with Jill.

Look at them snoozing together. I think they were about 12 weeks old here. Can you imagine anything cuter than this?

Then there are the more elusive fuzzies that visit my backyard on occasion. It's hard to get a clear shot when taking the picture from inside the screen room at dawn.

Yep, if you look real close and maybe squint your eyes, you'll see that's a deer.

Cute little bunny.

Awww... cute little bunny left me a gift!

And with that lovely image now imprinted on your brain, I think I can safely say I've covered all the beautiful critters who have graced my backyard this past year. I've loved each and every one of them too. Well, except for the scorpion. SQUISH!!!

What kind of critters are in your back yard? I'd love to see them!

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

34 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Tami

    What are you the Zoo?? You hava huge red arrow pointing at your house that only animals can see? or any other slick, slimy thing radiates on? heh he I'm gunna call you Ms. Irwin!

    Love Rocky! he's so dang cute!

  • xinex

    Hi Justine! Funny how you like 4 legged critters and I am scared of them but I miss Rocky (we have our own) cause he disappeared since they built the pool. You should come over and spend a vacation here and be our guest. You will enjoy it here, we have all kinds....Christine

  • Donna Marie

    Justine, I had to close your blog three times just to leave you a message! UUGGHH how annoying!

    Anyway! I love your backyard critters! :) I will have to go look for some critters to post! My neighbor's that live in the back of me have freaking chickens and roosters! Keep in mind I love in the city! They have live stock in their yard. (YIKES) I may sneak a few shots of them! :) I hope they don't catch me snooping! (LOL)

    Donna Marie

  • squawmama

    Good Morning Tiney... I just adore all your critter pictures... You know I am an animal lover too... and I always enjoy watching them, taking pictures of them and seeing them on post. Here is a funny one for you. I believe we have carried a green tree frog all the way from Pinellas County up here with us... We use to here it a lot at home and every place we've been so far we still are hearing it... Weird huh? But I like to think he loves us and that is why he is still here. LOL LOL

    Have a super day girlfriend

  • Beckie

    I was out shopping the other day and saw the aisle of garden creatures and ornaments and they had an entire shelf of froggies for the garden. I thought of you immediately! And then I saw a froggy that had a buttcrack and an umbrella and thought that even though I'm not one for frogs, it'd be perfect in my garden. So I hope to go back to fetch it for my place. I have a bunny and a few birdies in my area but that's it :( I wish I had a bunch of critters like you, that would be so fun!

  • Ronda's Rants

    So cute...I love animals too!
    My sister has a Yorkshire Terrier for sale for $500...10 weeks old if you're interested! :)
    My daughter loves frogs too as well as lizards!

  • cindy

    Okay.....I like looking at wild life too...but lizards and frogs and bats and anything remotely related to them give me the willies! yuk! As you know we have lots of deer, rabbits and one really annoying croaking chipmunk right now in our back yard.....oh and a GIANT frog that we unearthed the other day while raking by the lake...

  • imjacobsmom

    Hi Justine! I love animals as much as you, just not in my backyard. I have a love/hate relationship with the bunnies. They pretty much devoured my garden this spring. They were eating my flowers as fast as they were poking through the soil. I have a mole or two wreaking havoc under ground, too. I can't forget about the opossum and we also have a raccoon. Not named Rocky though. He's nameless. We also have a deer eating the shrubs and wild turkey once in a while in the fall. The woodpecker that occasionally pecks on my cedar house can take a flying leap. The bat that lives in my front porch is welcome as long as he doesn't dive into my hair when I get the morning paper. You asked for it - you got it. ~ Robyn

  • Tootsie is a jungle out there!!! You have quite a collection of critters going on...did I tell you I have a frog living in my back yard? have no photos...but he's there!

  • sue

    Justine I love all your critter pictures! Can you really die from a scorpion bite?? I was hoping you would show the dogs then and now to show how fast they grow! Lets see, I have rabbits, an occasional turkey, all kinds of birds, Butch saw deer tracks out back and we live in town too! Our neighbor has a pig and it stinks so bad!

  • Jason, as himself

    That Rocky video was so cute!

    And you were selling fish tanks? You seem to be a very busy person!

  • lilsista

    With the exception of the kids and the have the ickyiest backyard creatures ever!!!!! Sorry... but I don't do reptiles, spiders and creepies...we don't have those thingys here except if you buy them from the I guess I'm not used to them just being around....Ewwwwwe!

  • Ginger

    You have the start of a petting zoo in your back yard, well sort of. lol
    We just have chickens, a rooster, a dog, a couple of snakes, roller pigeons, field mice, and a neighbors stray cat. The other day there was a dead coyote out in front. Guess it got hit on the highway and ended up in front of us.

  • Amy

    Rocky is a cutie! We do have lots of critters. Deer, fox, turkey, hawk, turtles, mink, coyote, its like a zoo. I enjoy them all, but the coyote scare me to death. I hate to hear them coming in their pack.

  • raxx a day in the life

    Nice collection of posts, I remember every one of them!

    Now where are the frog sounds you promised, you forgot to add it to this post? Is you head too deep in Farmtown??? huh??

    I went up a level!! now on level 10 I'm so proud of me!

  • hpabate

    Wow Rocky was great. That is amazing. I loved the video he was unsure about the food, but knew you had food, how great is that. I don't see any racoons here in Arizona but that was really cool.

    Angelina Jolie was one sweet dog, lol great face and great name.

    Have a great day.


  • Cathy

    You starting your own zoo? And what the hell is that one picture of above the frogs... it looks like an eel... I know ya live in Florida but an eel... did ya bring home with you in your bra purse? lol

  • Cathy

    Sorry..I didn't read..I'm a picture kind of girl.. reading involves too much energy..which I don't have..

  • Lori

    Thanks for the rabbit poop at the end.. We have a bull dog named Alice and she is one ugly bitch as well.... I hit a deer last fall and it tore up my car... The bat would have freaked me out. Love all the other animals except the scorpion... I would have killed him as well...

  • Amy

    The only critters I have are in my yard on FarmTown...which you ARE my neighbor if you are MY neighbor, how come I am not YOURS?? Hmmmm???

  • Gayle

    Is it it your birthday today???

    Loved the video of Rocky. What a cutey he is. I love anything and everything, except I draw the line if it slithers.
    If it slithers, it's dead meat. lol
    And, strudel...he is adorable!!!

  • Cole

    WOW!! I'm amazed by the video of Rocky coming when you called him. That's one smart raccoon.

    I have a family of chipmunks in my front yard that I feed; nothing like the zoo at your house. :-)

  • Diane @ Four Paws and Co

    These are great - well, except for the scorpion & I don't like lizards & frogs either...

    Nigel is too adorable for words with the little chi's!

    Don't you have a fenced in yard???

    ☺♥☺ Diane

  • blueviolet

    What an animal menagerie you've got going on! Both of my kids are such animal lovers. I think they really like animals more than people.

  • ♥georgie♥

    Tiney-you found me via your sisters blog...errrr I found you via her my daughter will be coming to live with you...she likes those 4 legged critters you have BUt a scorpion seriously i would have freaked!

  • bj

    I'm scared of anything that crawls or flys...and i scream a lot in summertime..
    NOW..on your "Has anyone seen my NIPPLES" broadcast to the whole, entire world, post, you know...the one with the killer alligator..
    at the end of that post, you have "JILL'S BIRTHDAY" linked. Now this is what I'm talkin about!!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Awwww! Cute overload! Puppies, and chameleon babies, and Wedgie the hedgehog and more puppy babies! I especially love that pic of Nigel carrying the chihuahuas. That is adorable!

    Now I'm reverting to Beavis and Butthead mode: Heheheh, she said "wood," she said,"pecker." Lizard sex, heheh.

    Too funny!


  • Tootsie

    hey kiddo!!! how's the farming? I am here to answer your question...Yes I do have some perennials....and a few are from seed....but I like that annuals die off and are not permanent...that way if I want to...I can change it up. I think I am going to put most of the front yard to perennials, as it is so small...and boring...and there is such a huge amount of wind there...I have a bunch of the vine in the front rooting in the greenhouse...can't wait to plant it along my fence..I hate that fence...and painting it!!lol

  • Michele

    Hi Tiney ~ OMG, that video of Rocky was just the cutest damn thing ever...he's adorable!

    I'm with ya on the scorpion thing...absolutely no way..and I've never even seen one. We have other 4 legged things that live by bears, foxes, coyotes...I'll have to try to get pics!


  • ♥georgie♥

    can you see me am i here? test comment btw i read your profile and I was LOL I addicted to all the same things

  • Elizabeth

    I had a student get one of those tiny lizards stuck on his ear once during recess. We don't have them around here, this was when I lived in Houston.
    I never thought of deer being in FL.
    Where I live I don't get many critters other than bunnies and squirrels, but my parents get turkeys, deer families, raccoons, woodchucks and all sorts of things.

  • Chris

    Hey Girl, I'm going to try this again. I left the longest message on your birthday. About how cute the kids were and that my birthday was the day after yours and yada yada yada. Well, it wouldn't post, so I wrote it all over, same thing. So I gave up. I just wanted to tell you that pic of the pug carrying the little dogs on his sides is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Ok I'll try this again.

    Love ya,

  • Yaya

    That is unbelievable that you have a raccoon that comes to you when you call him! Hilarious!!!!!! I want one! ;)

  • Grand Pooba

    Oh my, Rocky has found his home hasn't he? Now I love me some nice critters but bats? Come on, look at those fang lookin things! Scares the shit outta me!

    Damn I want those dogs.