Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well hello there my fine bloggy friends! Sorry for my relative absence, but you know how it is, so much farming to do, so little time.

Anyway, not too much going on here, just some random crap running through my head that I figured I'd share with you.

Yesterday, Mikayla started marine camp, which will run this week through Thursday, and then the same next week. I have to have her at the bus pick-up point at 7 a.m., which doesn't make for a happy Justiney, but my girl loves this camp (she went last year too) and learns so much while having a great time. She'll be fishing on a boat, cast fishing, wind surfing, taking nature walks, kayaking, and who knows what else. And this year she'll be certified in CPR, which makes her happy because she's excited to start her babysitting career.

Madison and I are gearing up for our birthday next Tuesday. She'll be 8, I'll be (gasp) 39. We're celebrating hers and Alexa's birthdays this coming Sunday with a family picnic arranged by Jill at De Leon Springs. I cannot wait, as my brother and his family will be there, my parents, even some of my sister-in-law's cousins. It will be an all-day thing, with hanging out, eating and swimming in the icy cold water of the springs.

Here's a pic of the swimming area.
Jimmy has been wicked busy with work. Just a couple of months ago the 46 million dollar Starbucks project he was working on came to a close, after many months of hard work. Jimmy is Director of Project Engineering for his company, Stellar. He was in charge of overseeing the conception and fruition of Starbucks' newest "green" roasting plant in South Carolina. Starbucks, and hence, Stellar, have just gotten word that they're to receive some sort of construction/engineering award at a formal event we'll be attending on August 7th. Jimmy and two others will be accepting the award for Stellar. I don't know who the moron is that thought it was necessary for us to be picked up at our house in a stretch limo to drive one exit up the highway, but whatever!

This month he's completing a project for Pinnacle Foods in Tennessee. From July 1st, through August 5th, he'll have spent 24 days in TN. Ugh! Don't ask me what they're doing because I'm not quite sure. It may or may not have something to do with pizza.

And I? Haven't been doing much of anything! Just enjoying the long summer days with my kids home from school. Mikayla spent 10 days or so at Jill's house which gave me the opportunity to have time alone with Madison, which was nice. After the picnic on Sunday, Jill is taking Madison home with her for a week or so. We'll be apart on our birthday, but Madison doesn't much care as long as she's with aunt Jill!

Okay, now I want to show you something totally pathetic, k?
That is the inside of my wrist. Look closely to the left. Do you see that dark, dry-looking patch of skin? That is my Farmer's Callus!!!! I shit you not people. That is from where I rest my wrist against the table while I'm farming.

And speaking of the table, I got a new one. Well, it's new to me and it's in fabulous condition. Not quite my style, but for $150 I couldn't pass it up when I found it on Craig's List, especially since I was down to one patio chair.

Awww... look at my little baby computer!

And speaking of my miniature computer, I took this picture last week while Jill was here, basically because the difference in the three computer sizes cracked me up. Well, that and the fact that all three of us were sitting at the table and all three of us were online.
Okay, I do believe that's enough random bullshit to have put you to sleep, don't you agree? But I'll leave you with this short video. Zoe HATES Jill and Gianna. Have absolutely no clue why, but she's been known to jump off of high places to try to attack either one of them. She hisses, spits, and tries to claw their eyes out with the claws she doesn't have. She's bit Gianna several times.

Anyway, Zoe was outside with us and Jill wanted to see if she could get a rise out of her. This is basically play fighting because Jill was antagonizing her. Zoe's usual "attacks" are much worse than this.

Hope all of you have a fabulous week!

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

38 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Secondary Roads

    Jill should not try that with my cats. They will draw blood and leave scars. I know. I've seen them do it.

  • Beckie

    Oh my gosh!! I have that callous on my wrist too! Mine is shiny and red though! Abel says if I'd get off the computer for a few days it'd go away but ehh what fun would that be? LoL! I'm so glad someone else has the same thing, I thought I was just odd, haha. Well I am but never mind that one....

  • Mikki Black

    Mean old Jill!

    (and SR is right! I've met those cats. Not your cuddly variety.)

  • Stephanie

    You keep posting these things about cats as if I need further proof that they are evil. I don't. I already know they are the direct descendants of Satan himself.

    I am just WAITING for someone to sue Facebook for something like farmer's callous (Lord!) like that idiot kid did to Nintendo in the early nineties.

  • squawmama

    Hi Justiney... Wow your just a few months younger then my oldest daughter... you could be mine.. whoa!!! Interesting I miss your regular blogging... but happy that your having so much fun in Farmtown... Don't you just love Deleon Springs... Great picture!!! Do they still have the restaurant there where you make your own brakfast??? At the mill??? Well let me know... We love it there and when we do get back into Florida maybe that would be a great place to meet!!!


  • Lori

    Well Justine it's been a while!!! Have fun on your b-day weekend... Just stopping by to say hey, so hey!

  • bj

    Ahhhhh, Tiney's got only 1 more full year before hitting the big 40!! I know your birthday is going to be so fun. Nothing like getting together with family! And the swimming place looks amazing!
    Did I say I mop EVERY day?
    The cat is so cute...Jill must have had fun with teasing it...
    If ever I find those cups again, you can rest assured I will buy them for you. Big Lots is famous for not having the same thing twice but sometimes they do....especially in dishes...

  • Amy

    7 Am huh... just to the bus stop... not too bad. My son has to be on the soccer field at 5:15 AM in the dark & fog, running around a track..... coach's are NUTTS!! Have fun farming, get a wrist guard. ; )

  • sue

    LOL!! Zoe looks cornered and acting in self-defence! You have been busy and have lots coming up, sounds great, especially the part where you are so lucky to have a rich husband LOL!! He does good for himself huh!! As I looked at your wrist I looked down at my hand resting on the mouse and my wrist is sitting at the edge of the desk too!! This new desk is kinda high for my chair and I'll probably be getting a calous soon! Oh well, time for a new chair! Have a fun summer Justiney!! xo

  • Bird Shit and Baby Caca

    Wow! Sounds like you've been busy!

  • Amy

    WHen I have scars from farming, I may have to retire! Or not~! :D

  • MJ's doghouse

    everytime i read your blog you crack me up....lol...i am so glad that i am mentally challenged when it comes to these farmtown games...i seriously tried..and i just cant do it...lol..i can do animal crossing though..that is as tough as i get...anyhow keep blogging...pleaseeeeeeeeeeee....

  • MJ's doghouse

    oh dear what happened...anyhow i just wanted to tell you how much your blog makes my day,,,you seriously crack me up....keep it up...please....

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    I think it's time for Farmtown Anonymous, lol.

    Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous family get together! Also, love that table set you got. Would have cost so much more brand new, and it looks like new to me!

    What cracked me up most about that video was not the cat, but Jill saying,"you're not getting me, right?" and you answer, "no, just your boob." Roflmao!


  • Cathy

    You two are so damn funny... I laugh my ass off at you two. I told G is we ever get back down to Fl I would love to be dropped off with you two for about a week.. I bet Iwould have the time of my life.

  • Ginger

    You're all going to have a great time celebrating birthdays. (The springs looks pretty.) Donna said she could be your mom...me too. My daughter and you are the same age.
    Great age by the way. Wish I could turn the clock back and live it all over again.
    Congrats to Jimmy on a job well done. That sounds pretty impressive. The limo ride will be fun, but not long enough to break open the champayne. Tell the driver to go around the block a few more times.

  • raxx a day in the life

    Mikayla's camp sounds wonderful, I want to go too!! Seriously I wish my Kids could attend, although last year Isaiah went to a similar camp.

    Yup getting her to the bus at 7 does not sound like fun, esp since you looked foward to summer to not do that for a while.

    Your farm is beyond beautiful, but hey why not tend your garden in gardenhood? I love it there, and I visit your garden everyday to earn coins by watering flowers, but you have just one measly flower!! shame!!

    Tell Jill to look out!! Cats have great memories!!

  • lilsista

    I think someone should invest in a pair of wristbands??? Hmmmmmmm?....or slow down the farm?....oh!...did I just type that out loud?...Sorry! Have a good day! Smiles :0)!

  • Grand Pooba

    No fricken way! A Farming Callus? Are. You. Serious?

    Man, look what you've got me into! I knew farming was hard, but not THAT hard! Was it plowing or harvesting?

  • Rachelle

    Wow - that sounds like a great camp! She will have a lot of fun! And Congrats to Jimmy too! That's awesome! Lol - I cant believe you have a farmtown callous. That is hilarious! But I've found Farmtown to be highly addicting too although I have yet to inflict injury to myself! Lol!

  • Tami

    LOL, You guys are a flippen riot! You rgoing to have to teach me this whole farm town thing LOL, cuz I haven't a clue..I just do "stuff" on there and really don't care what it is as long as I can spend my money heh heh
    I can't believe you have a callous! =X
    I won't go there as I have one myself from blogging =/

  • Gayle

    Hey Miss Justine,
    What an exciting life you have my dear!! Congrats to the hubby. It's good to be married to the King!
    Enjoy the limo and the special evening.
    Sounds like the girls are enjoying their summer too.

    Have fun honeybunch and try to stay outta trouble! lol


  • Tootsie

    I too have callous's....REAL big ones on my knees....from REAL gardening!!! You just kill me with your farming thing!
    I honestly don't know how you do it...don't your eyes get sore? I am glad you are having such a great time with it.
    Now...I have managed to once again lose Bumble Bee somewhere in this house and MUST go find the tiny terrorist...so I can go to bed...he CANNOT be trusted alone overnight in the house...he likes to "play" too much! can we say mischief? Even Busy has locked him out of her room during the day....AND the little crapper learned to use the stairs today! he's lucky he's so damned cute!!!

  • Anonymous

    My cat is so snarky like that too!!!

    Great patio set.

    That party sounds like it's gonna be fun!

  • Anonymous

    LOL.... That cat of yours is nuts! Oh and jill didn's make any better for the Devil's spawn! (LOL)
    I hope all is well! I cant wait to se your birthday pics! Take lots!!!!

    Donna Marie

  • Michele

    LMAO...can't believe you have a callous from the farming...although, your farm is to die for, so I can understand why!

    Poor little Zoe...she's so cute..and I don't like cats either, so guess that's a compliment!


  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    OMG, I LOVE Zoe!!! What an incredibly gorgeous cat. I think her and Katy were separated at birth, they act the same way. Katy really hate my mom, and just knows when people don't like her or are afraid of her.
    Ahh... one reason I love cats, I am so much like them, lol!

    I was totally gonna take a pic of my computer callus too, HAHAHA! Kevin was just making fun of it the other day.

    The springs look amazing. The marine camp sounds like a blast.

    Congrats to Jimmy!

  • Buffie

    I'm excited for Mikayla going to Marine camp, how awesome! LOL at Jill and Zoe, Jill with the water LOL!!!!!
    Oh and I think all of us now have those ugly little calluses now!

    Buffie :)

  • cindy

    Your patio set looks great! Great deal too! You and Jill crack me up...do you see or talk to her EVERY day?

  • Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    I'm so afraid to check out Farm Town. With being unemployed and addicted to that, I'd be living in a shopping cart in no time.

    Jill is hilarious! I can't believe she dumped water on Zoe! I can now understand why Zoe has a love/hate relationship with her.

    My birthday is Friday and trust me...I'm older than you are...I'll be 46. Yikes!

  • Mariah

    Seriously, you got a callous from that game? Girl you need to step AWAY from the game. I love your yars in the distance behind your table. It's gorgeous!

  • Swirl Girl

    Obviously , you need to lay off the 'exercise' ...we can't have dry callousy inner wrist areas, can we?

  • blueviolet

    Jill is crazy. My daughter has all types of scars from her cat that LOVES her. Maybe yours has been declawed though?

    The farming deformation...let that be a lesson to ya.

  • mrsben

    Re the callous.....poor you. Maybe Bridget can help you out....with her lotions and potions? (That gal knows them. That's a compliment "B".)

    And in case I miss your Birthday...have a great one kiddo....as you will never get the chance to celebrate thirty-nine again. (It is fourty that 'the parts' really start to go!!!!!)

    Hoping the kids and yourself continue to have a great summer!
    (Sh*t all we have had is RAIN and more RAIN, more like Spring mode....or worse yet England and we are not even 'across the Pond'.)
    Many hugs -Brenda-

  • Michael

    I don't have the callous, but I have major carpal tunnel in my wrist now. Too much mouse work :(

    I've fallen off the face of the earth with Jay's upcoming move. If I'm not back before your actual birthday, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday indeed!

    Take care,
    ~M :)

  • Joanna Jenkins

    Happy almost birthday!!!!!! xo

  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Happy (early) Birthday! HA! It's nice to be able to wish one early instead of 'belated'... ;)

    Your plans for the birthday celebrations sound awesome - and that place looks incredible! LOTS of pictures, pretty please! :)

    So to add to the elbow callous I have from leaning on it all the time while reading blogs is going to be added to on my other arm/wrist if I get all caught up in the farming thingamajig? Sheesh! I might have to rethink that prospect! (evil grin!)

    I'd be swatting at Jill if she had me cornered and annoyed like that, too! (snicker!)

    Love the 'new' patio set! :)

  • Amandasaurus

    I'm taking Zoe's side.