Sunday, November 30, 2008


Now that I'm back home from the in-laws' and things have calmed down a bit, I finally have time to blog. Not that I have anything interesting to say, but you'll just have to bear with me anyway, won't ya?

I was so happy to read everyone's blogs and see that you all had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was nice too, but there were many aggravations along the way, but that's just typical for me, I think. We left home Tuesday night for the 3-1/2 hour drive to my in-laws' house on the west coast, where stupid arguments ensued over me wanting a bottle of water, and then later, a cup of coffee. No need to get into the nasty details. Just suffice it to say that being denied beverages does not a happy Tiney make. But, I did have to pee too, so that upped my chances for some java. Stopped at McD's where I was told to "hurry up", but instead I kind of waddled along, enjoying my few minutes of freedom from Jimmy the car. I just happened to have on my blogger t-shirt and the cute little McD's cashier was asking me if I was going to blog about my stop to McD's. So of course I whipped out my handy dandy camera and tried taking pictures of him fixing my coffee. "Oh Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... turn around!!!!!!!!!!!" But no, he was being coy, so I took a picture of the back of him! Not like it matters... poor little booger doesn't even have internet access!

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And then he decided to be funny, and hand me my coffee while facing away from me. Silly McD's boy! I just know he secretly, in his heart of hearts wanted to be famous!

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Now let's jump to Thanksgiving day. Ah, the aromas coming from the kitchen! If there's one thing my mother-in-law excels at, it's cooking. Oh, yummy! One of their best friends came over, with her 19 year old son (whom I have high hopes will some day fall in love with Mikayla, marry her, and make gorgeous Cuban/Italian/Polish-looking babies with. Hey, the 8 year age difference won't mean much 10 years from now, right?) and her mom.

Sitting around the kitchen table eating appetizers. Had to crop out an un-named relative that has an aversion to my blog. But that's the back of Mikayla's head, and her future husband and mother-in-law across the table.

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Jimmy and Mikayla chatting, and un-named relative's arm.

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Took a few shots of the girls hoola-hooping. Wow, Madison is good! She was counting to 100 while hooping. Mommy was impressed!

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Then Jimmy and Mikayla's hubby decided to play some pre-dinner ping-pong. Ooh, look at these action shots!

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Oh! Almost forgot. I've been told I'm not to show before and after pictures of Jimmy's life changing diet just yet, but these don't count because he's not shown in his shorts, bare-chested and de-furred, right? Just look at the difference a couple months have made in his face! Yes, he looks like poop in the Thanksgiving picture. I think he was really really tired or something.

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Now it was time for food, and lots of it. But first, the turkey carving has to be done. With precision. For about 40 minutes. Again, un-named, cropped- off- head relative...

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So, I had started eating, when I glanced at Jimmy's plate. Holy gorging!!!!! And this pic was taken after he'd already dug into the plate! Ummm... had to put a funny face over the guest at the head of the table. Accidentally snapped the picture while she was shoving something in her mouth. LOL

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Aerial view...
Heeheeeheeeeeeeeeee. Just noticed I unintentionally took a crotch shot!

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Little did I know at the time, that he'd finished all of that and then went back for seconds. Here's the end result. Burp.

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All I can say is, this is what happens when a man has been eating chicken, fish, veggies and sprouts for over 2 months, and he gets the go-ahead to cheat for one day. Disgusting, ain't it? He even had two servings of pumpkin pie and ice cream. See?

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You think he might be sending me a message here?

And hey, would it be a holiday without a bathroom diva picture? I just don't get it though. While putting on my makeup, I felt like I had too much on. Then I take a picture, and I look friggin' anemic! And looky there, HOLY BOOBS!

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It was a nice few days, but it was good to head home. But what a boringgggggggggg drive it is! Ugh, miles upon miles through the Ocala national forest. You'd think, for all the boredom I'd at least get to see some critters on the side of the road, but nooooooooooo, I saw nothing but one armadillo. Don't get me wrong, he was cute, but when you see deer and bear crossing signs, you want to see something other than an armored critter! Nope, this is basically all I saw...

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And could someone please tell Jimmy that it is NOT funny to turn the lights off just so we could see how dark it is? Ya know, it just doesn't seem safe to do so while driving at 80 miles per hour.

Okay, Thanksgiving is over. Bring on the next holiday!!!!!!!!


33 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Tootsie

    sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    I can't beleive how BIG your girls are getting...Our little blogger is becoming such a pretty young lady too! lol look out

    good to see you blogging again..was a little worried that you had abandoned us all!

    start the christmas decor yet? can't wait to see...

  • Chris

    Well, it looks like you had a good time, good eats and a safe trip home, now what else could you ask for? Thanks hon, for your prayers and thoughts for my Cory.

    Love Ya,

  • artis1111

    Glad to see you back in blogland. I hate to travel with the heavey traffic. Glad you made it home safe. Kathy

  • Donna Marie


    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The Turkey looked yummy! Everything looked good!

    You sure have a way of telling a story! I enjoyed every bit of it!

    Donna Marie

  • Donna Marie

    Hey Maniac,

    Turkey Ham is a meat product made from the thigh meat of a turkey. It is cured and smoked, which allows it to be eaten right from the package if desired. The size and shape of turkey ham depends on how the meat is processed and it is generally available in whole or half portions. Turkey ham is approximately 95 percent fat-free, which makes it a low-fat alternative to pork ham. It can be served hot or cold and sliced thick or thin.

    Definition/description of Turkey Ham borrowed from:

    Donna Marie

  • Penny

    That is so funny when you write you know who's name and then cross it out. Glad you made it there and back safely. ME LUVS PING PONG! Wish I could have been there to beat Jimmy for you.
    Love your Christmas Blog decor!
    Hugs, Penny

  • Buffie

    LOL! you're too funny taking photos of Jimmy's plate! He does look good though, he looks like he's lost a lot!

    Buffie :)

  • Alex totally crack me up. I love where you wrote about getting a break from Jimmy..hahahaha. And the McD're much more braver than I would have been to whip our your camera and start snapping at McD's! =D And as always, Mikala is terribly adorable and cute. I see where she gets her beauty from....YOU. (I mean that!)

    And yes, I'm back to dancing. It's low key and no bending right now, but at least it's something, right??


    PS mom opened up her own Etsy shop tonight...if you get time, please check it out...I know she would love your feedback. She was nervous about starting it...and I know you would be honest about it.

    love ya!

  • Tismee2

    Nice pad!

    and does Mikayla's husband live there all the time? maybe he'd like a sugar mammy instead?

    and Jimmy is starting to look hot, hot, damn hot - is it you who is making him soooo tired?

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Your Jimmy is a handsome dude! Sorry your drive to the inlaws was not a barrel of monkeys, but at least the food was good!

    We dont celebrate Thanksgiving here, but for the food, I just might start!

    Your daughters are real beauties girlie, you can make any outing into an interesting post!

  • Sue

    girl you are cwaaaazy!! All my prim dolls have eyes, you must be thinking of Amish faceless dolls!! Maybe I should take some close-ups for ya!LOL! I'll be back to read this post of yours, looks very gooooood! xo

  • nikkicrumpet

    About the blog adverse relatives.....I'd put their pictures on here just to spite em! Looks like there was lots of yummy food. And you sorta had a good time lol. And I thought the picture of you was beautiful...In fact before I read what you wrote...I was thinking...damn her makeup looks good! Well after I said...holy chit...look at the size of those tata's!

  • Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity

    Looks like you had a great holiday. I had a blast looking at your pictures. You are too funny!!

  • Ma'dame French

    Overall looks like you had a good time and wow he really has lost weight! I know you are happy to be home;) Holy boobage! lol French

  • jill jill bo bill

    I am thrilled it's I just need meone to come decorate my tree and house for me. I am so lazy...

  • Trying to Stay Calm!

    I am new here! What a great blog! ♥ Hugs!

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    You always make me laugh!!
    Too funny with Jimmy's finger over the pie... and that face you put on the relative!!
    I agree on the future son in-law!

  • Stephanie

    Can I just say that if Jimmy told you to hurry up in the ladies room and/or said "no" to a nice hot cup of coffee and I was there? I'd show him a really special place for that coffee to go. Just saying.

    May I also say that your daughter's future husband is pretty stinking cute? I don't think 8 years is too big a gap once they're both grown. And plus, look how cute he is!

    Oh, am I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks "holy boobs" when she looks in the mirror. Because, holy boobs. Indeed.

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I managed to endure mine without stabbing my mother in law with the electric knife, so I count that a success.

    I think this is a record for the longest and most ridiculous comment ever.


  • Bridget

    : ) onto another holiday!

  • Naz

    The next time Jimmy wants to drive in the dark with the lights off, I hope he's alone.

  • Rachelle

    So glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Sorry you had a long car trip. Everything looked yummy!

  • Sue

    I'm back and it was great Tiney!! I clicked the FUN button! Your family stories always have me laughing. The food on Jimmys plate looked good, looked like alotta fattening stuffing, then the pie slice was really skimpy! I've been eating a big piece of pie with cool whip on it every night since Thanksgiving, I have my plate sitting on the counter as we speak!
    Can't wait to hear your Christmas dinner story! :))) xo

  • Shelia

    Justiney!! Glad you had a loverly Thanksgiving! Has Jimmy been on a diet? He made up for in these pictures, didn't he? lol Oh, that's a great Diva shot! I'll have to put you up tomorrow!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • TattooedMinivanMom

    You know you totally stumped me when you said you drove to the "west coast" in 3 1/2 hours. I was like, how the hell is that possible?

    Yeah, I'm quick like that. Glad you had a good time!

  • squawmama

    Sounds like you had a great time.... i must have been asleep when you posted this one... I never miss yours... LOL LOL Come on over I have an award and meme for you to do.... ;-D


  • Lisa

    I have some bloggy bling at my place for you, again. :)

    Great photos. It looks like you all had a great time and some fab food to boot.

  • Alex

    Hiya, Justine! :) Hope you're having a good week! *hugs*

  • Ma'dame French

    Where the hell have you been girl?? Still having problems with the internet connection??? We miss you! French

  • Chris

    Hey crazy girl, guess you know you've been tagged. Can't wait for this one. LOL

    Love Ya,

  • Sue

    LOLOLOL!! no its never just one wirey hair, when you get older you'll see, your hair falls out everywhere! my bathroom floor is gagging me right now and I can't get to it til after the baby goes home!! lol!

  • Beckie

    So darling, I wanted to let you know how much I adore you and your blog! This was awesome as usual. I happen to have an award for you if you wouldn't mind stopping by my blog to pick it up! Have a great day!

  • Mama

    Hello Justine, I missed you, glad you had a fun thanksgiving, good choice on hubby for Mikayla :), that Mc'D's lad lost out on fame and fortune, silly boy. glad you are back, hugs, Kathy

  • niartist

    Justine! I was away for the holiday, in Texas of all places! And when I got back got all caught up in the blog - so sorry I haven't been by! Looks like you had a lot of fun, and yes, Jimmy does look quite different, huh? Good for him, though I'm on a "I hate skinny people" moment. :) Off to read more!