Saturday, November 22, 2008

She Gave Me a Prompt, I Ran With It!

Michael (Gollum)has challenged her readers to take part in a kind of literary exercise, to create a fictional story based on a picture (of an outdoor tablescape), a video/song (from The Thomas Crowne Affair), and a list of the following words to use as prompts. At least 5 need to be used in the story.

  1. french blue
  2. rain
  3. cinnamon
  4. invitation
  5. smooth/rough/crinkly/glassy
  6. clock
  7. circle
  8. apple
  9. keys
  10. summer
  11. lovers

  12. Now please keep in mind that I am far from a professional like our Michael. I love to read, but I have never been able to write. But, once given this challenge I felt I had to at least try. So, here goes nothing.

    I ran my hand over the smooth surface of my new patio table’s glass top, and thought back in time to last Saturday evening.

    It was 6 months to the day that Gideon and I had met at our local library. I had been trying to decide between a classic Nora Roberts book and a newly released Debbie Macomber. Gideon just happened to be passing by, his arms loaded down with back issues of Architectural Digest, when the corner of my chosen book snagged the bottom-most magazine in his stack. I felt the blood rush to my face as magazines dropped to the floor in a haphazard mess.

    Then all of that blood proceeded to drain from my face when our gazes collided and his stormy gray eyes locked on my own deep brown ones, electricity arcing between us. Six months later the spark is brighter and hotter than ever.

    So, to celebrate our half-year milestone, I’d planned a romantic al fresco dinner for us; everything from an appetizer of fresh shrimp cocktail, to a dessert of my grandmother’s recipe for apple cobbler. The table was set with simple white china, French blue stemware, and linen napkins that matched the glasses perfectly.

    When Gideon arrived the house was filled with the scent of cinnamon, and all I had left to do was light the half dozen pillar candles on the table. As I set about my task, Gideon sidled up to me, and took me in his arms.

    ”Mmm. Something smells delicious.” He nuzzled my neck in that sweet spot just below my ear, the spot that made my knees turn to jelly every time his lips or tongue brushed it. I was just barely able to squeak out, “It’s the cobbler I have in the oven.”

    “No”, he said, “It’s you that’s stirring my appetite right now.” I wanted nothing more than to forget the whole dinner and take him to my bed, but practicality won out. “Come outside and sit down while I get you a glass of wine, sweetie. I’ve made a special dinner for us."
    “You know that wasn’t necessary, Cassie, but I know I’ll enjoy every bite as long as I can look at you while I’m eating.” He turned on the outdoor sound system while I returned to the kitchen.

    After bringing Gideon his wine and our appetizer, we both dug in to the crisp shrimp and exchanged tidbits of our day. Just as I rose to fetch our next course, Gideon grabbed my hand from across the table, and pulled me toward him. “Dinner can wait, but I can’t. Come here and sit on my lap a moment.”

    I sat down gently and put my arms around his neck, kissing him lightly on the mouth. Gideon deepened the kiss and all at once it felt like my insides were melting and my womb contracted in anticipation.

    Before I realized what was happening, Gideon had my shirt unbuttoned and was stroking me through the lace of my bra, circling my sensitive nipples with his thumbs. “Now Cassie. I can’t wait even another minute to have you.” And with that, he swept his hand across the table, scattering china, glasses and candles to the tiled patio floor. Before I even had a chance to gasp out my surprise, he had me lying across the table, the hard glass cool on my naked back. For what felt like hours, he played my body like a fine violin, taking me to heights I’d never been before. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body until I thought I would shatter into a million pieces, not unlike the china scattered on the floor.

    When finally we’d both regained our breath we looked into each other’s eyes and I knew something vital had changed between us. We were no longer just a couple dating casually, but something stronger, more profound. “I love you, Cassie. I know this is not the ideal place or time to ask, but please baby, will you be my wife?”

    There I was, trapped between a sweaty man and an incredibly uncomfortable table, but all I could think about was that this was the most perfect moment of my life. Just as I opened my mouth to shout yes to Gideon and the world, the skies opened up and rain poured down upon us. While still inside me, Gideon lifted me up and carried me inside, walking straight past the kitchen where the food had dried out, and directly to my bedroom; the exact place I wanted to be from the moment he kissed my neck earlier that night.

    Michael was sweet enough to give all of us that tried this challenge, this wonderful writing award. I bet by now she's wishing she'd waited until after she'd read all the stories!

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  • Sue

    hey Justine you forgot to leave your size!! LOL! Watchoo mean your first time, its your second! Now I gotta admit, I didn't take the time to read your story cuz I'm in a hurry to get out shopping and taking pictures of my adventure today to post, so I'll be back to read later!! Have a good one tiney!! xo

  • Bridget

    Wooweeewowow! You need a parental warning on that one girl. I can't wait to see what Picket has to say. lol
    Great job. I am having so much fun reading everyone's stories, this is just a hoot. I hope more people take the plunge.
    Have you read mine yet? You have a cameo role!
    When Michael posts another writing challenge, we should use our same characters that we have created, sort of like French's Blogopera.
    TTFN, Gigi

  • squawmama

    OMG!!! Girlfriend it is too early in the morning for you to be stirring up all those feelings... WOW what a steamy story and really good... Loved it... Have a STEAMY day... I know I will now...LOL LOL
    Luv ya


  • Ma'dame French

    YOu little hot tamale you;) Good story Justine;) French

  • Buffie

    OMG, I need a very cold shower now girl!! that was hot! Mike calls this stuff "Lady Porn", LOL!!! LOVED it!


    And you said you couldn't write!

  • Happy To Be

    Good Lord Justine girl I needed to go take a cold shower after that really put some thinking into that..Hope you have a great day you silly thing..come and see me sometime..hugs and smiles Gloria

  • Tootsie

    OMG!!! Where the hell did that talent come from?????? you did a great job! I had no idea you were that "frisky" or had the ability to write like Justine..good one. I am seriously impressed....
    do you write for the playboy or hustler? lol just kidding...that was just so steamy....and hot...
    good thing I read it before I head for the shower!
    love you lots sunshine or should I say Tiney...have a great day.

  • Jill

    Good story sis although I already heard 3/4's of it yesterday!! :) Okay so do you have any ideas for your nextpost??? Have I gotten on your top 10 yet???

  • Stephanie

    Ahuhahuhahuhahuh. That would be my attempt at spelling heavy breathing. Wow.

  • Gollum

    Nora Roberts, MOVE OVER, Justine is the new kid on the block. And she is good, very good! I love this--it evokes all of the senses, and it's got a really good story, too. I was hoping you'd run with this!!!! Yay!!!!

  • Rhea

    Wow, Justine, that was steamy. lol You go, girl.

  • Blue Muse

    Well hi Justine! LOL It's nice to meet you! I was making the rounds reading all the great writings that spun out of Gollum's exercise and WOWSAS what a steamy story, and great writing!

    Go Justine, gooOOooOOoo!!


  • Anonymous

    Day-um Girl!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea that I had my finger I my mouth the whole time I was reading! That was excellent! I really enjoyed that one! I have to say... yours is my favorite so far!


  • Raxx - A day in the life

    VA VA VOOM! I was NOT expecting the 'R' rating!!! still trying to get over the 'contracting womb'!!

    This was a fun read! Great Job!

    Off to read others, after my cold shower!

  • Ma'dame French

    I wish you would see that your story is really good Tiney~~~seriously!! French;)

  • Mama

    Whoo Hooooo!!!!!!!! you go Gideon, Steamyyyyyyyyyy, what a great idea our Gollum had with this. loved it Justine.

  • Sue

    wooooooah girl, I'm glad I came back to read! This is the first book I have read in years and it was damn good!!

  • Picket

    OH MY WORD!!!!!! You said come over but I might blush alittle...ohhhh ...good grief...Holy Moses!!!! I feel like I have been snook thru the back door of a peep show!!!! lol lol Gosh knows girl....I have got to find you a hobby....oh my word...My cheeks are on fire and I am not talking about my hiney cheeks either!!! lol lol I could guide Santa's sled....Oh my word...I need some anoiting oil up in here!!!! lol lol Mother of all creatures! I have pictures going thru my mind.....Girl I am gonna tan your hide!!!! lol lol

  • Shelia

    Justiney!! Honey, you're good. You sly little booger you!! This was just fantastic!
    Be a sweetie,

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Oh holy shit! Now this was one damn sexy story! You bad bad girl you! lol

    This was awesome by the way. Picket's comment was hilarious!

    My story posts Sunday morning.


  • mrsben


    GREAT WRITING Justine!!

    (I had to laugh at Picket's re-action.)


  • nikkicrumpet

    Ummm you forgot to mention the steam that was rising off that story when the rain struck it! YOU NAUGHTY girl!!! a little Nookie al'fresco was not on the menu! great job! I've been having the best time reading everyone's story. Yours is the first one that required an adult rating who is surprised about that!

  • Helen

    OMG, I had to go get a glass of water (wine) after reading your story...great job, really entertaining. Isn't it amazing how one woman can generate so much creativity in others?

  • SchmeckyGirl

    You really expect me to read this whole story on that red background?!?! I may have to copy and paste it into word. It's making my headache worse.

    I am definitely going to read it though... just want to go through all my email first.

  • Alex

    Oh..ok...umm....where's the PG-13 on that story, chickie!? :) You sure know how to write a hot and steamy story...whew! ;)

    Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by...I love it when you do!

  • niartist

    Justine! I'm so disappointed in you! Here I get to the end of the story and she was going to say yes! What kind of woman would say yes to someone who proposed while having her down on a cold patio table? LOL! Oooo, not to mention he broke her grandmothers china! I don't like this Gideon! :) VERY GREAT WRITING! :)

  • squawmama

    Het girlfriend for some stange reason I can not get onto your new post... Don't know what's going on there.... I see it but when I click on it it brings me here to this one... WAAAAA WAAAAA WAAAA

  • Mama

    Justine I came to see the elves and it's not here, is it just me or are there no elves??? Kathy

  • Shelia

    Thank you, dear Justiney for your kind wishes.

    You know I love you!!
    Be a sweetie,

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Hey Tiney where are the elves?

  • onlymehere

    I guess it's my monitor but I can't read your blog now with the new background. Just wanted you to know that I still try to check in and see how you're doing! Cindy