Monday, March 22, 2010

Words To The Dog

I want to thank you all so much for all the kind words you've shared, your prayers and your love.  I'm still struggling with the loss of Poo... in fact just spent another 15 minutes or so bawling my eyes out.  I've lost quite a few family members over the years and never doubted that they'd gone to heaven and were watching over me. 

But since Poo crossed over, my faith in heaven seems to be slipping.  What if she's not there?  What if I really will never see her again?  What if she doesn't know how much I love her?

I know this is not something that any of you can help me with.  I have to work through it on my own.  And even though I no longer practice the Catholic faith, it did soothe me a bit to read that in 1993 Pope John Paul II stated that animals do, in fact, have a soul, and go to heaven.  I pray it's true.

Anyway, yesterday Jimmy wrote a poem to honor Poo and I thought I would share it with you.

Here come some more tears.

Words To The Dog

I came into their lives when everything was new,
From that point on they were never just two.

Dreams yet spoken,
Were not made or broken.

I was the keeper of what is good,
During this time all was understood.

Living free and day to day,
It was quite fun-- I have to say.

I loved these two -- my mom and dad,
Along came another which was not too bad.

A lion at heart,
She and I were there from the start.

We saw creatures come and go,
We saw rain and we saw snow.

 We started north and traveled south,
Soon we added the girl with the birdie mouth.

She was the special one -- the first of two,
Our lives changed -- we had something to do.

We stood guard over those girls,
From diapers to little curls.

We saw them laugh and saw them cry,
We were to love them until we die.

We saw them off on their first day of school,
And lost some whiskers to some prehistoric tool.

At night we watched over their dreams,
It was purr-fect -- so it seems.

We managed with dignity and grace,
And kept the family's endless pace.

God has a way of knowing,
And we thought he had a way of showing.

Then to our dismay,
You came that sunny warm day.

You are clumsy and rude,
You would lick my face -- how shrewd!

My angels were moving faster and faster,
You, I feared were another disaster.

You are impatient -- thirsting for fun,
I slowly began to think that you were the one.

To watch my angels lives continue to unfold,
Because my days are waning as I am growing old.

I think it is time to pass on my meow,
For your simple bow wow.

I pass the torch, my canine friend,
For my time has come to an end.

Please watch over them for me,
Until they are ready to be set free.

There are tough times ahead,
So remember to choose carefully when going to bed.

Under your watch they will grow up,
And before long you will no longer be a pup.

There will be graduation days, proms and gowns, 
All the time there will be ups and downs.

Take it all in for a while,
And when in doubt flash that genuine smile.

I trust you will prevail,
For now I must set sail.

Meow Meow.

J. Oko March, 2010
For my family and Poo, rest in peace.

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