Thursday, March 18, 2010

THE Gollum Dishes

Oh peeps, I was surely blessed a few weeks ago when I won a fantabulous giveaway on Michael's blog!  I'm sure all of you that frequent Designs By Gollum know all about Michael's "Gollum" dishes, right?

I can now say I know exactly why she, and so many others, have fallen in love with these dishes.  They're bright white, very simple, but at the same time pack a punch. My pictures do NOT do these pieces justice, and there are actually quite a few more I never got around to photographing.

Sure, the following is probably considered a tea cup, but since I mostly drink coffee I'm calling these my new, dainty coffee cups! 

Do you see the beautiful swirly pattern?  I love it!

And there are dessert plates, but since I rarely partake of the sweet stuff, I put some sauteed zucchini on one.

 That same night I had pasta with my homemade sauce and a huge plop of ricotta.

 Doesn't my simple meal look gorgeous against that bright white?

This awesome set also came with S&P shakers, napkin rings, a gorgeous serving bowl which didn't make it... it was in pieces when I opened the box (Waaaaaaaaaaaaa)... and a small serving platter.

Michael, I don't know how to thank you enough.  This giveaway was just above and beyond in every way possible!  These have since become my everyday dishes and I will think of you often as I sit down to eat, or... blech... wash them after dinner!

Now everyone, go give Michael a visit because she's got some other incredible giveaways coming up shortly! Her blog is such complete eye candy you might even forget to enter yourself into the giveaways.  Which would be fine by me.  More chances for me to win another!

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my stupid sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

21 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Anonymous

    WHOA.........gorgeous, you are so lucky to have won them. I have very simple white dishes and I love that the food always looks better on them. There is a reason why restruants use them. :)

  • NurseChessie

    I loove love love the cups. and now i'm hungry for pasta with ricotta. but since I had crab mac and cheese for dinner I won't hate you too much.
    cool dishes. when are mine coming?
    love ya

  • Gweny

    Those Dishes are beautiful. I've always wanted to bet a set of all white and very simple dishes. They can make any season beautiful without competing with the table decor. BTW your meal looked yummmy:)

  • Brianne

    Wow, those are some perdiful dishes! I love plain white dishes. I don't know why, my sister got me loving them for some reason. And your food looked NUM-YUMMY!! I <3 Rigatoni's.

  • Tootsie

    kinda thinkin you have a horse show shoved somewhere that the sun don't shine!!! lol
    what a great win!!!

  • Gucci Mama

    They're gorgeous! And that zucchini looks delicious. Nom.

  • squawmama

    Oh what a great prize and yes they are gorgeous... That Glooum is the best! I won a beautiful cake stand once... Oh I read the Publix post and I say "Did you buy one?" I would have ☺☺☺ Love ya girlfriend...

  • thatgirlblogs

    ohhh those are pretty and will NEVER go out of style. Lucky girl!

  • Cole

    Those are some BEAUTIFUL dishes!

  • Mayhem and Moxie

    I just spent far too much time on the website you directed me to, J. That woman seriously gives away some GREAT swag. No wonder you scored such amazing pieces.

    I am sure that you and your prize pack must look fabulous together!

  • Amy

    Very nice dishes! Congrats

  • angie

    You definitely scored. I love your new dishes! Dare I head over to look around?

  • Michael Lee West

    I'm SO glad you like the dishes! Your food looks great and so are your photos. I will keep my eye out for a vegetable bowl!

  • Elizabeth

    Those definitely are perfect dishes. When you watch cooking shows you'll notice that they always use white plates. I have solid white plates with a small basket weave design and I LOVE them. I can mix them with seasonal pieces and they look elegant everyday or for holidays.

  • Grand Pooba

    What? I won canker soar covers and you get to win that?!

    Not. Fair.

  • Rena

    Beautiful dishes, Justine.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you regarding your poor kitty. I have one that's getting up there in age too and hasn't been doing so well. Big hugs to you!!!

  • santamaker

    Hi lady...sorry it's been a while since my last visit. Congrats on the dishes. I need another set like a hole in the head but I'm so tempted to get these! You did them proud!

  • Ginger

    You won a whole set? Darn what a lucky gal you are. I love those dishes.

  • Life with Kaishon

    Stop it right this second Justine. They are GORGEOUS! Wow. What a great giveaway to win. Your pasta and sauce also looks gorgeous. I would like to eat some right this second.

  • Jenny

    What a lovely prize for a lovely blogger.

    I'm glad you got these.

    It looks like you totally adore them.

    What a great thing!

  • Life on the Edge

    I have these same dishes too, and I just love, love, love them! They always look classy no matter what. I got mine on sale for only $20 last summer. A few weeks ago, I found the accessories package which includes a teapot, big bowl, sugar and creamer and gravy boat...also on sale for only $12! I haven't even taken them out of the box yet because I wanted it to be something new for the new place.