Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yep, that's me lately. Out of Order. Please excuse me while I step away to get my head screwed on straight! I've been overly anxious, especially with Jimmy being gone most of the time, and when I get anxious my stomach goes wonky. When my stomach goes wonky, I get more anxious. It's a vicious cycle that just keeps going 'round and 'round. So, that's why you guys haven't been seeing much of me lately.

Yep, ol' Tiney has some mental issues. As if you didn't already know that!

I miss all of you, think of you daily, but have to get myself feeling "normal" again.

Pssst! If you love me, you might love my sister more. Go visit her at Jill's Believe it or Not, and tell her I sent you!

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