Friday, September 25, 2009

I Am ---->Here<----

Okay, how totally cool are these virtual maps? Yeah, I know, lots of you have already used maps and Google Earth too, but I’m sometimes slow getting to these things. It was also a complete bitch to get the map saved so I could put text on it. Do you know what I had to go through?

First, I got my map. Then, because it won’t let you save it, I had to take a screen shot. Then I had to paste the screen shot in Paint. Then I had to save it in My Pictures. Then I had to upload it to Photobucket. Then I was able to edit it. Pain in the ass, right? But soooo cool too!

So here ya go. An aerial shot of my part of the ‘hood. I pointed out people I’ve mentioned often here on the bloggy.


I love living in a cul-de-sac and definitely feel more protected, whether that’s wishful thinking or not. The kids, especially Madison, love it too. When Madison wants to ride her bike around, she’s allowed no further than the meeting of the two cul-de-sacs, or over to Kristen’s if Kristen and I know she’s heading that way.

This one I took from Google Earth. See how huge my neighborhood is? I have no clue how many houses there are, but I can tell you that it’s big enough. From the main entrance to my driveway is 1.8 miles. I shit you not. It takes at least 3-4 minutes to exit the neighborhood through the front entrance!

This image was taken off our community’s web site. Who wants to count all the tiny little houses for me?

I realized we’ve been living in this house for a good 6 months and I’ve never shared pictures with you. Keep in mind, this isn’t our house. The house we own is in Tampa and refused to sell so it’s now being rented. Until the market picks itself up and we can sell it, we’re forced to rent.

Here’s the front of the house. We’ve got 4 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths and 2,600 square feet of living space.

Picture 012

A bit inside the foyer you have the staircase that first goes one way, turns, and goes the other way.

Picture 179

Another view, this time including the curved and unusable wall in the kitchen.

Picture 048

Here we are upstairs now. When I took this picture I was standing in the doorway to the master. Directly to my left is the guest room. Directly to the right is the laundry room. That first door you see is Mikayla’s room, then to the left of that the girls’ bathroom. Madison’s room is down that section of the hallway.

Picture 046

The landing looking over the foyer.

Picture 009

Now keep in mind that these pictures were taken months ago, and these particular ones I took before hanging the picture or the other sconce. A few other things have changed in here as well but just suffice it to say that I decorate horribly. Oh, and that area rug is now rolled up and in my closet because Strudel thought it was delicious.

Picture 208

I hate this sofa table. It’s a piece of crap and I didn’t realize the back was particle board until Jimmy put it together. I keep saying I’m going to paint it black, but I’d rather just throw it through the window.


Powder room, and don’t worry, the raffia has gone bye-bye!

Picture 077

Here’s the kitchen. There have been some changes in here as well but I’m too lazy to take updated pictures.

Picture 119

Counter that overlooks the family room and eating area. Do you see HENry there? Do you remember him from RMS? Well, Jimmy BEHEADED him, on accident I’m sure. BUT… then put his head back on and never told me, so the next time I moved HENry to clean the counter his head went rolling away.

Picture 118

My chef dude says, “Cook it yourself!”

Picture 109

Ah, there’s Gregory PECK. Still in one piece, too!

Picture 117

Picture 114

I love this cookbook stand! Can you love cookbook stands, Shelia? You bet your fat free Italian you can!

Picture 068

Picture 115

Quite a few more bottles have been added to this collection.

Picture 116

I took this picture the first time I sat out on my screened lanai with a cup of coffee and a good book.Picture 054

My view into the woods. Look at how dead everything still was when I took this. It was a fairly cold winter. At least at night.

Picture 059

Oops, forgot this one. Small niche across the from the bottom of the stairs.

Picture 141

So now you kinda sorta know what my house is like. I haven’t taken pictures of the other rooms because they’re not totally set up or decorated at all.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour!

How about a little Strudel update? I’m about to kill her!


Don’t let that woeful look fool you. She is bad. B.A.D.!!! This week alone she has eaten:

Mikayla’s pin drive

My cell phone, which still works, but the battery just keeps falling out.

IMG_3179 IMG_3180

A throw pillow… fluff all over the place.

A bill… so torn up I have no clue whom the bill was from.

Mikayla’s hand-woven art project basket

3 pens

1/3 of the cover of a hardcover book

countless cups


And just 5 minutes ago… the remote! I left her in the room for 5 damn minutes and when I went back in the top half of the remote was in pieces.

Anyone want a really cute but really bad golden?


Go visit Jill, yada yada yada. Love me, love her, yada yada yada.


32 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • bj

    Now THIS is one beautiful house, Justine. I love it...*sigh
    Love your Gregory Peck, too!!! :O)
    I don't have dogs but am wondering how you break them from chewing everything? Bound to be a way but I don't have a clue how.
    O, and, yep...if I even EAT an egg it has to be smothered in black pepper...!!

  • Cole

    Tiney, your house is GORGEOUS!!

    And you know that you'd never give up Princess matter how bad she is. But I would take that cute little face in a heartbeat!

  • Grand Pooba

    Me! Me! I'll take her! (in a year once she's out of the puppy stage!) LOL

    I love your house! Especially the curved unusable wall, it's so cool! And I'm dying for your kitchen, mine is so tiny and blah! Can we trade?

  • imjacobsmom

    Hi Justine! Did you try taking your phone to a T-mobile store? We popped into a T-mobile store the other day at the mall to check out their new mytouch or whatever the heck it's called phone, and Jacob wanted a new screen protector for his G1 phone and he just mentioned that he thought his camera lens had a scratch. The guy looked at it and said Hang on a sec I may have an extra replacement in back from a phone that was returned for some reason. And sure enough - he got a new back! Maybe they will have a phone that you can swap your sim card into. Or you can buy a phone from ebay or order unlocked phones from
    ~ Robyn

  • roy/elisabeth dean

    Strudel can be my chocolate! I'll pick her up next week~
    Your house is beautiful Tiney, and I love the way you decorate!
    "Joe Cocker" is the chewingist cocker spaniel I've ever seen! He has seperation anxiety (probably because he was dropped in the woods for God knows HOW long) and if Roy and I are ever gone together he destroys. Yesterday, it was my eyeglasses, 1 stiletto I had put up on a table so he couldn't get, the bathroom mat, and Molly's garbage can! Gotta love 'em!
    Have a good day~

  • Amy

    Wow.. she is a bad girl.. cute.. though. Hey.. I love all the roosters.. and we share the same paper towel holder.

  • Michele

    Waaaaaaa...I wanna come live with you!!! Your house is it!

    Strudel is so darn cute, but that is definitely being a bad dog. How the heck do you break that habit of chewing everything?

    Big hugz...have a great weekend!

  • Ginger

    Thanks for the tour, Justine. I think your home is really nice. I was wondering what was behind your house when I looked at the map, then later you said the forest. That's pretty cool.
    Ahh, Strudel is giving the sad look. lol.

  • raxx a day in the life

    Justine you are a lucky lady!! Your house is beautiful although | already had a clue from past posts where you showed tiny bits of your home.

    I found my home via google earth too but I'm waaaay to lazy to do all you did to show it on my blog!

    I hope strudel outgrows his chewing behaviour soon!

  • Rachelle

    Cool maps! I will have to try that sometime! You have a gorgeous home! Tell Strudel to be a good girl! Should I use more exclamation points or do you think I covered it?!!!!!!

  • cindy

    Love the cook book holder thingy...too bad I dont really cook...or I would have to have one...maybe I could pretend!...Poor Strudel...why is he so bad?....Loved the tour! ~Cindy~

  • Jill

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe what she did to your phone..
    I wonder if they'll give you a replacement phone.. lmao!

  • ~Mary

    Oh I LOVE your house! It's gorgeous! and HUGE!!!!
    Your decorating is better than mine..I don't even have a single picture hung decoration here yet....

  • wendy

    First - that whole map thing was cool!! BUT, something way to complicated for me to ever attempt.
    Also was fun to see the photos of your house. I love seeing other peoples homes and how they decorate etc. Very cool.
    As for the dog------------ooops.

  • Jill

    Your home is really beautiful Justine! How cool to see where you live too.

    Take care,

  • santamaker

    hey Justine, it's about time you got a little RMS on us! Loved the tour. Really like your sofas and coffee table! That curved wall on your staircase is gorgeous!
    Yup, that Strudel looks like trouble with a capital T!!!!!

  • MJ's doghouse

    i hope you have pet insurance...i'm just sayin!!!!
    ALSO is that a mrs butterworth bottlein your kitchen,,your house is beautiful

  • mrs.boring stay at homer

    Beautiful house!! Oh, and that book? I love those books, that series! Makes me cry every time....

  • Tootsie

    girl...I am so proud of you for sharing this!! You never usually share this much of your home! I like it girl...and I saw those vacuum cleaner lines...they reminded me of how my mother used to vacuum her way out of the living room so she could tell if we went into it...what she didn't know was that while she was not at home...we'd play in there and vacuum our way out! lol
    that pup...she will grow out of it...miss pooh was the same way. I feel for ya!

  • Tootsie

    oh...guess what I'm doing today???? ! I am cleaning the main floor bathroom....and not because it was needing regular maintenance....but because someone flooded the toilet all the way into the hallway....and I don't mean a little bit...not to mention the toilet tissue and "other" stuff that flowed out with is one big crap storm here this morning!
    I think someone should have mentioned these types of situations in school when they covered family

  • Yaya

    Oh wow, she did chew that cellphone huh?

    That map stuff creeps me out. I mean, what if I was pooping in my yard as they took that picture?!

  • Rhea

    Lovely house and neighborhood. I can't believe how bad Strudel has been!

  • Ronda's Rants

    I love your house it is beautiful...and I will Strudel in a heart beat! :)

  • Tabby

    I love your house! What great architecture details it has inside. You have a great sense of style. Poor little puppy has a case of the chewies. You need to keep everything up high away from teething Have a great day!

  • Chari

    Hey Girlfriend...

    Just read the sweet note that you left for that you came by for a visit, my friend!!!

    Ohhhh myyyy gosh!!! Girl, I love your's gorgeous! I was trying to think back to the days of RMS when we first met...I believe that you were just renting a place then...not this place though! You were trying to decorate that you remember? Hehe! I got such a kick from you!!! sidetracked...I love your house! It's huge...and I love all the awesome architectural details like your curved wall! Darlin'...I'd have to put a pretty bench there or can do it!!! Hehe! Love your spacious living room! Okay...please, please, PLEASE update your home photos...I wanna see!!! Ohh yes...I DO remember HENry...too cute! Oh my gosh...a chicken with it's head cut off...literally!!! Poor HENry!!! Love your kitchen,'s soooo pretty!

    Hehe...I love all the google earth stuff! My honey and I have sat for hours looking up people and their places on there! You sure did go to alot of trouble to blog your maps but they're it!!!

    Well Darlin' happy that you came by today! I'll talk with ya later!!!


  • Shelia

    Justiney! You've been hiding your beautiful home from us! How pretty it is! It's big too and look at that kitchen. Am I jealous? No, no Nannette! Just envious! :) It's very lovely. And yes, you can love your Italian cookbook! Love the stand! Thanks for the tour. Now I can visualize you popping in all the rooms and climbing those pretty stairs and the girls running all around!
    Oh, look at that cute Strudel! What a little stinker! But oh how very cute! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • Kristen

    I love your house. What are all the green areas in the maps? That can't be trees can it. What a concept.

    Here is a link to a post about a haunted mansion. It made me think of you :) It is from Mr. prepared for crude man talk...but I love him.

  • Kelee

    Hi Justine!

    Tried your e-mail wouldn't go through.

    We have you on the party list--need your blog addy only. Please post by 3 central on Tuesday 29th.

    It will be fun! Welcome to you and your ornery -but adorable pup!!!

    love, kelee

  • bj

    OK...I see you got connected with Kelee...good deal. Strudle is so cute, he'll be a big hit in this Pet Parade!!
    xo bj

  • Robin Costello (Delswife)

    Nice place!

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    Good Lord, I have been away from blogger too long! I even missed your What the Hell is That posts! Loved seeing pics of your home and your neighborhood! You live in a gorgeous house. It was great to see more of it.

    As for Strudel...good heavens! No wonder he has to be in the crate. I'm so glad that my dummy dog didn't go through much of a chewy stage. However, the dog I had before him loved used diapers and, ewww, feminine products. Accck! My son announced one day, "Barney thinks poop is delicious!" Hope that she grows out of this soon!


  • Fragrant Liar

    What a great house. For a rental, it's awesome. My fave part of your house, besides the glorious cat butt, was the roosters on your kitch counter. I HEART roosters. Family crest and all. But really, the cat butt rocks.