Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a Pet Parade!

If you're an animal lover like me, there's no way you could spot this party and not want to join! For every post that is linked up to the Katillac Shack today, $3 will be donated by Design Gives Back to animals in need.

Animals of all types are such a huge part of many of our lives and most of us couldn't imagine not surrounding ourselves with fuzzy, feathered, scaly or slimy critters.

As you know, my favorite fuzz-butt these days is our 8 month old golden retriever, Strudel. She is bad, with a capital Pain in my ASS, but I love her just the same.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you how Jimmy had bought her a nice bed and within hours chewed a gaping hole in it? Well, lately she's actually been using the bed for its intended purpose and not for oral entertainment.

See? Look at how beautiful and regal she looks laying there, posed just so.

This is her sexy, slumberous look. I do believe I heard her mutter, "Crumpet" while squinching her eyes and wiggling her nose. Yeah, she's got it bad for the Crump-Man.

I call this her, "Dude, get the damn camera out of my snout so I can catch some Z's!" look.

See? She now loves her bed! So much so, that when I left her to go upstairs and shower, she showed just how much she loved it.

Uh huh, the hole is bigger now, and she even got through the white nylon cover and got to the fluffy green stuff.

Yep, my puppy definitely has an oral fixation and we do try to keep her occupied with things she's allowed to chew on.

Saturday, Jimmy walked in the house with a huge bone, unlike any I've ever seen outside of a Flinstones episode. I actually asked him if he took down a dinosaur while he was out. But boy oh boy does Strudel Doo ever love it!

I'm really not sure I even want to know what kind of animal that thing came from.

And, in an effort to try and tame the wild and never-ending energy Stru has, I actually brought her to the park tonight. Drove her to the park more precisely. Sorry, but I don't do walks, especially in this damn heat.

I just don't get it. When Jimmy brings her he tells me how much running around she does and the dog comes back panting, tongue lolling a foot out of her mouth. With me? I could barely get her to move. She was having too good a time sniffing every square inch of grass and eating sticks.

See? She was sniffing and not running. What the hell?

She does look quite beautiful with both the sun and shade upon her glorious golden fur though, huh?

Okay, so we did get her to run for the stick a few times but let's face it. A 12-year-old just doesn't throw very far.

And who out there has an 8-year-old who cannot wait to go to the orthodontist??? Freak child!

No matter how much walking around I did with her I could not get her to squat and take a dump. I had to go, but she just wouldn't. Maybe I should have squatted.

I swear, this new food we've been feeding her is amazing! Less poops and better formed (meaning not mush) when she goes. It's so much easier to scoop the yard now! If you have a dog that doesn't seem to be doing well on their food, please give Taste of the Wild a try. It's grain-free and filled with all kinds of anti-oxidants and protein. Expensive, but well worth it.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution to the Pets on Parade Party!!! Now please be sure to visit the Katillac Shack and check out all the other blogs that are linked up with posts on their pets! It's sure to be a lot of fun!

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