Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jimmy and the Power Challenge. How'd He Do?

Back in September, I told you all that Jimmy was starting a grueling, life changing diet called The Power Challenge. If you don't recall that post, just click here and I'll refresh your memory. If, in fact, you're a lazy-butt and don't want to read that post, I'll reiterate some of it for you here.

Jimmy's company is doing their best to be cutting-edge in their corporate thinking, and one of those thoughts is that a healthy associate is a happy associate. I don't know about all that. I think they're saying that, but thinking, a healthy associate will use his insurance less often and take less sick days. But I digress. The fact of the matter is, if you work there and want in on this program the company pays the entire fee, which I believe is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000, and the employee (in this case, Jimmy) works out like an animal with a personal trainer, and eats a very restricted diet for an entire three months. No beef, no pork, no salt, no fat, no refined sugar, no dairy, no alcohol. Here's a quick blurb from their website:

The Power Challenge is a comprehensive, 12-week, intensive and competitive health and fitness program designed to lower corporate health care costs by helping CEOs, key executives and their employees achieve maximum health and wellness. The program has also proven a fun vehicle to teach those involved that there is nothing more important than your health.

Jimmy went into this program with a really positive attitude. Me, not so much. How was I going to cook for two picky kids, plus a man that can only eat rabbit food? But, he quickly took that weight off my shoulders by cooking most of his own meals. I secretly think it's because he thought I would throw some salt or dairy products into his meal and then watch him eat it with an evil glimmer in my eyes. I would never do such a thing! Well, probably not.

I also had a bit of a freak-out moment when he came home from food shopping at Costco one day, and bought so much stuff he had to make about 5 trips from car to house. I even wrote about that here. Go look, because even I don't believe the amount of stuff he bought until I go back and look at those pictures.

Was Jimmy fat before this challenge? No, but I guess you'd call him a bit puffy.

Before they begin the diet from hell, they do a full work-up of blood tests and make you pose in your shorts for a really humiliating picture. In Jimmy's case, the former may have saved his life. His triglycerides were 990! Yes, you read that right! And here, with his permission, is his puffy before shot at 209 pounds.

To me, the next three months seemed like a grueling undertaking, but Jimmy embraced it all and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. He found that he liked the taste of food without salt, he loved working out with his personal trainer, Carl, and his arthritic back and neck actually improved as he gained muscle-tone.

The day it was over, it was time to take another picture, but let me explain the extremely goofy look on his face, then you can laugh your ass off anyway. The photographer chick was cracking jokes at him and making him turn this way and that like something you'd see on a weight lifting competition. Well, he was in the middle of cracking up and tensing his muscles at the same time when she took this...

Jimmy at his final weight of 173 pounds and a triglyceride count of 74!!!

Yes, they requested that he shave his chest, but he drew the line at their suggestion of 8 sessions of tanning. After all he's vain, but not gay.

Now that the Power Challenge is officially over, Jimmy can eat more normally, but he's still sticking to the basic principles of the diet, and he's doing great with maintaining his weight. He's still working out with Carl a couple times a week, and doing his own workouts in between.

Just the other night he was playing around with the girls and I snapped these pictures of him from behind so he could see what his back development is looking like.

Must. Lift. Her. Up.

A 74- pound human press!

So wow, did I actually write an entire post about Jimmy and not make one snarky comment? I should win a prize for that!

Question: If you were offered a chance to partake in the Power Challenge, would you do it?

Until Next Time, Tiney

34 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Rhea

    Oh, hell, yeah, I'd do it if someone was paying for it. That's pretty cool. What a forward-thinking company!

    Jimmy looks great! And no snark, I'm impressed.

  • Mama

    After seeing Jimmy's results where do I sign up and I would take the tanning sessions and shave my chest too ROFLMAO.....seriously well done, that's awesome, hugs Kathy.

  • morninglight mama

    Let's see... if the conditions were:
    1. Someone else is footing the entire bill: gym, trainer, etc
    2. Someone watched the three little ones to make time for me to actually work out on a regular basis
    3. There was a pill available to make me not miss chocolate

    THEN, I'd sign up in a heartbeat. :)

  • nikkicrumpet

    I'd probably want to...but then I'd fail miserably because I SUCK at self control!!! Jimmy did a great job...he looks really good.

  • Jill

    He really worked hard to get this far. The last time he looked this good was his early college years.

    P.s... YOu need to move the post to the left side. We read left to right not right to left!

  • Bridget

    Kudos to you for being snark free and kudos to Jimmy for the fantastic job he did. I'd sign up in a heartbeat if I could have that much improvement in my physique. My after pic might look like Jimmy's before pic though. LOL
    Jimmy should write a post with some tips on how to get in shape.

  • Justine

    Jill, you penis, the words are still going left to right! Just pretend you're Hebrew.

    Tiney :o )

  • Ma'dame French

    Good for Jimmy it was an obvious success! I would like to say that WHY would he say no to the tanning??? I mean seriously??? WTF?? I would partake cause I sure need to do something to get healthy again...does the diet include potato chips and dip, and cappuccino? (tee hee) French;)

    ps Tell him he did good and looks great;)

  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh! Your comments crack me up!! I think that is awesome to lose all that weight. I would like to loose 20 pounds. Amazing to loose that much. What a great company.

  • Anonymous

    Hurray for Jimmy, he looks like a different person.I would like to , but I doubt if I would stick to it. I like yur new look.


  • Tootsie

    first,,you guys live in Florida....who the hell needs tanning beds!!!! lol
    I almost peed when I read that...good for him...if he wants a tan he can just go outside!

    He looks fantastic! good results...hope he sticks with it! I think it is incredible how much he's changed!

  • squawmama

    Ohhh Tiney your blog is looking soooooo sexy... and talking about SEXY look at that Jimmy... WOOO HOOO Although he is lifting a light weight... I'd like to see if he coould do that to one of us... LOL LOL Now that would be strong... Love ya


    ps... what a good girl your were not ragging on him.... ;-D

  • niartist

    Umm - I stopped to give you a wibbit wibbit, and could barely figure out where to leave the damned thing, let alone read the posts! UGH! ;) Ok, but now that I'm here - CONGRATS TO JIMMY! And hey! What's so wrong with being gay? HUH!?!?!?!?!? I don't tan! ;) Maybe I should do that diet? Hmmmm, decisions decisions. Must. Put. Down. The. Pastry!

  • Lavender Chick

    Okay, now that I feel like a lazy slug, I will tell you that I finally posted the story about my resident ghost. Let me know what you think...

    Also, regarding taking a power challenge - I would do it if someone else paid for it and cooked all my meals. They would also have to drive me to and from the work out sessions. Otherwise, I would say NOT. But, of course if my company was paying for it and encouraging it, and everyone was rallying around to do it, I would probably do it because I'm just a sucker that way...

  • Picket

    Hey girl...congrats to Jimmy for his weight loss and will power!!! I doubt I could ever stick to something without salt! lol

  • Smilingsal

    He looks FABULOUS! To answer your question, no, I'd never even try. I know I'm waaay to weak to even begin that stuff!

  • santamaker

    Wow, I'm impressed! Jimmy did a great job on his makeover, he looks great! The outside looks good, what about the inside? Any improvements?!....sorry, SOMEBODY had to be snarky!
    I would absolutely sign up for the program and give it my best try, not saying that I would be 100% successful, though.

  • ~♥~ Monica S

    I am like Nikkicrumpet.. I would want to.. but I would probably fail ... being a mom and cooking for everyone is not an easy task... AND I cook every day at my job too...
    BUT I am trying hard not to eat EVERYTHING hehe!! (I have to taste everything though)

    Your man did a GOOD JOB!!!


  • Anonymous

    Wow...that is really amazing!

    My husband and son were looking at it too! They were impressed and relieved that Jimmy didn't take the "fake bake" route before his pic! That made the chest shaving okay :-)

    He looks pretty dang lucky girl!!

  • niartist

    YAY!!! It works!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    I would definitely participate in an all-expense-paid-challange. Wow. What a difference. Jimmy is hot. lol.

    I don't think the company would care if he uses his health insurance all the time... they pay a monthly premium per employee no matter what, and it's not based on how much he goes to the doctor. So there ya go... that theory is wrong. lol.

    He likes the taste of food without salt!?!?! I wish I did.

    Yes, I'm proud of you. Not one snarky remark. So are you proud of him or did you just need something to blog? lol.

  • Buffie

    Wowsa YOWSA! Jimmy looks HOT!!! Tell him Buffie said so, gees! Awesome and WAY to go Jimmy!!!

    Hmmm...note to self...workout!


  • Buffie

    LOL Artie!

  • Anonymous

    1. Jimmy looks so hunky in those pictures. Did he try to lift you too?

    2. Please don't call him 'puffy' over here that means gay!

    3. Why didn't you join him? If Mick was doing something like that I'd be wanting in on the action too.

    4. Hell yes I'd do it, I'd love to have a personal trainer to kick my backside when I needed it.

  • Anonymous

    PS - why haven't you been onto my new blog - Less of the Lard Arse yet? See my sidebar!

  • NurseChessie

    Jimmy Looks like he did when I was a kid.... him lifting Mikayla like that reminds me of when I used to hang on his biceps and he would lift me up and down. lol. then he'd eat "a whole large pizza", which my dad still talks about.
    He looks FAbulous!!! Way to go on the Triglycerides!!! Probably just cut his heart attack risk by like 90%!!!
    love ya

  • Happy To Be

    Justine...I think if someone was paying for it...YES I would do it...but girl only if they gave me the secret to gain weight and keep it on..Jimmy looks great YAHOO!! for Jimmy..hugs and smiles Gloria

  • Anonymous

    WTG Jimmy! Yeah Justine for no snarkiness. Thanks for giving us the update on the power challenge. I would love to do something this drastic, but no salt? Isn't that like against the law?? If not, it should be. LOL

    Great post!

  • Elizabeth

    He looks great, and especially looks happy, which is what's important. I've been losing weight and being able to do things I couldn't 3 months ago is such a thrill. The improvements to his triglycerides and back problems are great also.
    I'd do this diet if someone was paying for it, but my doctor probably wouldn't let me right now.

  • Philly

    Hell, I'd do it!! Why not? The only prob for me would be the no alcohol.


  • Paris

    Wow! Totally impressive, Justine! :) Looks like it is working well for him.

    PS Can I have Grant from GH?! yummy! ;)

  • jill jill bo bill

    I know I need to and I kinda want to, but would I relly do it? I guess I would if I could have the results he had. He looks super!!!!

  • Dina

    He looks great! WTG Jimmy!

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    I love the difference in Jimmy!! I'm sure he's dang proud of himself!

    I would love 3 months of personal training and special diet! But who the heck has the time?