Monday, January 26, 2009

Honest Scrapper --Tiney Style

Bom Chicka

You all know about the Honest Scrapper award, correct? It's been floating around for quite a while now, and I've just been tagged with it yet again, by Rhea from Texas Word Tangle. I told her I wasn't going to do it because I've already listed 10 honest things about myself about 10 billion times for y'all. But then an idea came to me. An idea so profound, so completely bare-bones honest, that I just had to fly with it. So, here we go, fly with me...

I once boinked on a metal slide in a public neighborhood park. In fairly full view of the highway.

I once boinked on a bench which was on an outdoor deck in a backyard.

I once boinked, half hanging out of a car at the Smith's Point beach parking lot.

I once boinked on a high floor hotel balcony on the beach, with people walking below, totally unaware. At least, I think they were unaware.

I once boinked in a neighbor's jacuzzi while they were away on vacation and we were dog sitting. We later told them to add extra chlorine.

I once boinked loud enough that my next door neighbor thought she heard a wild animal in the woods behind our houses. And then told my parents the story during a family birthday party. She was drunk. Unfortunately, I was not.

I once boinked in a bed that was so infested with fleas you could see them bouncing all over the place. No, it was not my bed, thank goodness!

I once several times boinked in a room occupied by others who had no idea I was boinking. Or maybe they did.

I once...

No, wait...

I have not boinked since the since the year of our Lord, two thousand and seven.

I once had a lot of Froggy Bloggy followers, but figure after this post it's going to be questionable.

Until Next Time, Tiney

42 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • SchmeckyGirl

    OMG! A park slide! Where children play!??!?! You are so lucky I didn't catch you. Actually my eyes are lucky I didn't catch you.

    I can't believe you blogged this! lol.

  • Rhea

    ROFL Way to go, Tiney! You've had some fun boinking, that's for sure. Although not recently...

    The most hilarious were the fleas! And the one where the neighbor thought it was a wild animal. That's hilarious!

  • Beckie

    This is the funnest bloggy I've read in soo long! Two thumbs up for you having the nerves of steel to post this! And I must laugh at myself because you are a crazy boinker. The slide thing doesn't sound like a bad idea, hmm....LoL!!!

  • Jill

    OMG! YOu Boinked on a flea infested bed and continued to BOINK! You're boinkin nuts! You must have had an itchy hiney!

  • jill jill bo bill

    WHAT? You haven't done it since 2007? A slide? A bench? A jacuzzi? You are an outdoorsy soul aren't you? I LOVED it!!!! I will always follow you. Maybe you will boink when I turn my head.

  • TattooedMinivanMom

    So, I gotta ask. When you boinked on the bench, did you get splinters all up in your ass?

  • Jill

    OMG.............Kiki says you were a boinking slut. But I still love ya! Hilarious post Justine.

    My hubby did not tell me about the bears in the woods in Michigan when we did it there until AFTER we were done. I also got a bug bite on my hip the size of a half dollar. To this day some 11 years later he will still mention it and laugh his ass off!

    :) you sure had some interesting locations............fleas? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......gross!!

  • Ma'dame French

    ROFLMAO~~~~ well you can't lose me that easy......I boinked at my sister in laws during thanksgiving dinner...there feel better now??? Hey we were newlyweds then it was a very long time ago;) Love ya French;0)
    PS Ohh and that's the tamest of the locations (winks:)

  • Bridget

    Holy Mother of Pearl! Girl, ain't you got no filter? Silly question, we all KNOW you have no filter.
    In all my days, I never...nope never! Shaking head in total dismay.
    I guess you don't believe in the confines of the boudoir. Frankly I don't think there is anything wrong with a nice comfy non-flea-infested mattress that won't give you splinter's in your hiney!

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    Bouncing fleas, ROFL!

    Oh, I've got stories.... but no kahonies to post 'em!!

  • Mama

    Does boink mean the same here as it does in the UK? Oh my gosh you were adventurous and brave to blog it ROFL...

  • Sue

    horny bitch..... lolol!

  • ~♥~ Monica S

    Nice going Tiney!! :-) hehehe!! YOU are so much fun!


  • Buffie

    Daaaaaang girl, you sure did boink a lot and in a lot of different places!!! LMAO! Fleas? Slides? Peolple in the room? You are one wild and crazy boinker!!!! hahaha! Well I could name a few spots too but you have us all topped I think!

    Buffie :)

    LOL Gigi!

  • Cindy

    You're brave :)
    visiting from SITS!

  • santamaker

    Hey girl......... thanks for waking me up this morning with your EYE POPPING post! Those mental images just fried my brain are too funny! Does your family read your blog?!? You need your own TV show, wait, that would be on Cable.......
    My gosh, just wait til Mama Pickett gets a load of this! She'll be hyperventilating!

  • NurseChessie

    Wow. What a Whore!!
    did you HAVE to mention the fleas? cuz now my winter skin is just itchin all over. damn it.

    love ya
    p.s. I think its time to get back up on that horse, girl!

  • HeatherF1

    Well, one thing I appreciate about you is your HONESTY. I do hope that you did not scar for life any children that may have been in the area during any of these times!
    No boinking since 2007? There must be a story there. Your body must be in shock!
    I always enjoy reading your blog, because I never know what will be there! LOL (but know that it will crack me up!)

  • cindy

    You are hysterical! Now you've got me thinking about all the wierd places I have "boinked".....but I'm not tellin!

  • Screaming Meme

    Hi...I want to personally invite you to a new blog I created...Project:{Create A Home}...It is a place for inspiring and creative women to come together to be inspired to reach all their goals and dreams in life...And my personal decorating blog...Screaming Meme...I hope to see you there! Meme

  • Tismee2

    YOU didn't tell me THAT before I agreed to meet you. The reason you were late wasn't that you 'boinked' at the top of St Augustine lighthouse was it?????

    I hope not!

  • Chris

    Girl, OMG, 2007? What did you do, wear it out????


  • Chris

    It's me again, I came over to ask why you have never gone to Savannah, when it is so close to you. Then I fell out of my chair while reading your post and forgot what I came here for.:)


  • squawmama

    Well if you think that little mild post will lose me your NUTS... Oh yes you are NUTS that is why I love you.... Have a boinking good day... Love ya


  • Tootsie


  • cindy

    Yes, the moose is, you cant 'boink" him!

  • Michelle

    ROFL!!!Oh my gosh! Girl I am so glad I found you because you just made my day! I haven't laughted that hard in a long time. Are you kidding you will probably have more followers after this one!

  • NurseChessie

    Hope your at curves tonight..

    love ya

  • Sara's Sweet Surprise

    After reading your hilarious comment at Nikki Crumpet's, I had to come take a look see. When I started reading I couldn't stop till I hit the bottom of the page!!!

    My cat and hubs make up for my children who are in private bathrooms of there own. My cat does the circling the wagons too,especially since her food/dish are in there. Sometimes she'll leap onto my lap for some petting and grooming!!!
    What a fun visit I've had. I'll be back.
    Sweet Wishes,

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Justine how can I stop blogging?! And miss your posts?! I'd rather go on 2hrs sleep! You are the bravest blogger ever!!

    I boinked in the ocean! lol!!

    The slide is the wackiest! and of course the flea bed is the grossest! you and your love of creatures!

  • Megan

    All that boinking and none since 2007!?! Wow!! I loved this post..haha soo funny :0)

  • Ma'dame French

    Had to come back and let Gman read this.....he just shaking his head saying she is one crazy azz woman!!! We need to meet her!! LOL French;) xoxox

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    I haven't visited you in days, and I come here and what do I find? A post about boinking! This is why I love you! lol

    That and your favorite V words post where you talked about your va-jay-jay, rofl.

    P.S. At least I got boinked once in 2008. Damn, we are some sorry women! Cobwebs will grow.

  • Picket

    OH MY WORD...DOES YOUR MAMA KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!! Innocent children's playgrounds...innocent bypassers eyes....I can't even...I just...ohhh good grief you need to be hosed down with a hose pipe!!!!!
    No I haven't boycotted your blog you doodlehead...I been getting ready for the apprasier that came yesterday and been redoing some things since we are gonna stay here for a while longer and .....don't try to change the subject...explain yourself missy!!!
    Is this my punishment for pinching my sister in her sleep when we were little (noooo..she was a meany..she would bite you when you least expected it) Maybe it was the time I refused to let the little neighbor girl ride on
    the go cart with me..(nooo she would pee all over you if she got tickled)Oh my word...I bet it was the time I was babysitting my twin cousins and I snook a cigarette from my aunt's bedroom (and used her cool pink lighter phone to light it) and when daddy came over to check on us & there was smoke everywhere and he just stood there looking at me and ask was everything alright and I said yes..everything is fine..he just nodded his head and went back out the door! That's it...that's it..he never mentioned that again and I didn't get punished...ohhh lordy has come back home to haunt me!!!! YOU ARE MY PUNISHMENT! lol lol

    Girl you just ain't right..but somebody's gotta love ya & I do want to go to heaven so I guess I will accept my punishment with a smile! Love ya girl! ♥

  • Bridget

    I think Tiney is all of our punishment!
    Happy Hump Day, your favorite day of the week apparently! lol

  • Shelia

    Oh, my goodness, Justiney! What in the world are we going to do with you? You're a mess, but I love ya anyway!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  • nikkicrumpet

    HOLY COW you do have cobwebs in your HOO HOO!!!! 2007???? I guess we all need to chip in and hire you a "boinking buddy". OH...and STAY OUTTA MY POOL!!!!!!!! Cuz I will shoot you in your boinky butt if I see you splashing around in there!! I don't have THAT much chlorine!

  • Happy To Be

    Oh Justine just when I was going to invite you to my house...looked outside and seen the slide my grand kids forget the invite girl..You are one boinking girl!! I bet you could bend forks in resturants if I took you out to dinner with a Boink mate..Girl 07 ?? I need to send you a swiffter sweeper for that thing..and maybe a can of are too funny..I'll still come by here to read about the adventures of Tiney..Hope your Mama don't read your blog..mine would die again if she seen this..ha ha!! hugs and smiles hope you have a great boinking day girl...Gl♥ria

  • Paris

    I am laughing my ASS off here at work!!! I swear never cease to amaze me....I wonder if I could have the (bleep) to post a post like this... =O


  • Rachelle

    Oh Justine ~ how you make me laugh! That takes guts and honesty to post all that ~ I love it! And don't worry, I will still follow you too ~ how could I live with myself if I missed all these hilarious posts?

  • Elizabeth

    ROFL! But, 18 months? What's up with that?

  • Misty

    i came to your blog by way of your sister's blog... and you are effing' hilarious!! i must add you and follow you if that is ok!! this post had me rolling! love it!!!!!!!!! you and your sister make me laugh!

    misty! mommy to jaiden and mason (cdls)