Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's Back and He Knows His Name!!!

My Rocky is so damn smart! I know you've probably heard enough of my blathering on about my stupid raccoon, but tonight was so exciting for me, I just had to share. If you read the post before this, you know that Rocky has still been visiting me. But tonight was extra cool because...

I came out here with a cup of coffee, my camera and some Ritz crackers. Sat down, threw some crackers on the patio and called out, "Rockyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Come here boy!!!!!!!" I then started to read an email. I wasn't even two lines into it when I heard crunching. I looked down and there he was!

He grabbed his cracker and ran back into the woods, but I had to test my theory that he was actually remembering his name and now trusting my voice. I called him again, and again he came back, the went back into the woods.

Then Madison came out here to say goodnight and I told her to stand behind my chair and be very still and quiet. I began calling him again, and told her where to look in the woods to see his face pop out. My desk light doesn't reach quite that far, but when he's there if you look very closely you can see his cute little face. It took a good minute this time, with Madison squirming behind me, but then... there he was! Madison gasped and couldn't believe he was responding to me. When he came right next to me to eat his Ritz I thought her face was going to split from smiling so hard.

Rocky resumed his place in the woods and Madison went to bed. Then I put the camera on video mode and called him again. You won't be able to see much at first, but just watch. You'll even see me wiggle my foot a couple of times so you could tell how close he was to me.

Now I know this isn't very exciting for those of you that grew up in the country, or even had a baby pet raccoon. But for me, this is bliss. I didn't get to meet him as a baby, so for him to trust me enough to get this close is pretty darn cool. Yeah, I know it's really the food that keeps him coming back, but I have to believe that he likes me, even if it's just a little bit.

Totally off topic here, but spider webs are cool too!

Until Next Time, Tiney

30 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • xinex

    That is so cool, Justine. It's so funny but we have a raccoon too and I call him Rocky also, who comes out from whereever he hides, to our porch every dinner time. I feed him also but I am afraid to go out when he is there. I tell my husband to call him and to the other side of the porch so I can go out to give him food, then I close the sliding door right away. He seems very tame, just follows my finger with the glass door in b/w us, but I am still afraid to go out there b/c of possible rabies....Christine

  • Ma'dame French

    Lordy are a nut! He really is cute....from a distance though (lol) I'm like Xinex I would hide and feed...(lol) French;)

  • Tootsie

    he is adorable...but YOU BE CAREFUL!!!! I don't want you to have to blog about the RABIES shots that will take the frothing out of your mouth!!!!!
    geesh...and I thought I was a soft big soft sap! that's why we love you!
    no...serious...please be careful...he is a wild animal, and may be unpredictable.'s an idea!!!! what if you caught him...took him in and had him all checked out, shots that even legal there?
    okay...yea..tired tootsie should stop talking...

  • TattooedMinivanMom

    Spiderwebs are cool as long as you don't walk into them face first.

  • Mama

    WOW that is so awesome Justine, Rocky does like and trust you. I am a city girl and when we first moved to the usa we rented a house and within a few months I had seen a three foot snake, a wild Turkey in the yard and a mother and baby duck swimming in our pool, I was jumping up and down with excitement, except for the snake of course yikes!.

    BTW a dollar fourty is about the same as a quid (pound) :-)

  • Chris

    I'm so happy you take care of your little friend. I'll bet he loves you. I love how you have your blog set up. It's awesome.

    Love Ya,

  • Rachael

    Rocky is a good name for him!

    He is really cool and quite a cutie too. I would be the same way if I had a pet raccoon :-) I am sure your daughter had quite the story to tell her friends too.

    Don't like the spider web though...that suggests the presence of spiders and I just can't hang. I think I have a little Arachnophobia problem.

  • Tismee2

    Awww, I think it's you he likes really. You're his mommy now!

    Shouldn't you be giving him something healthier though?


  • Michelle

    How cute is Rocky?!!! Looks like you have a new addition to your family. He really isn't scared at all. Looking forward to more Rocky stories.

  • Bridget

    Okay this is really getting frustrating to have to launch firefox just to see your blog!
    Rocky's cute but a lot of trouble to see with these blog problems. FIX IT! lol

  • ~♥~ Monica S

    So nice for Rocky that he's got you! :-) I like these little stories!


  • cindy

    Be careful! They are really cute, but can be a menace! They like to tear up things......and they will get into your trash no matter what you do! Where do you live?

  • Sue

    Awww J you are sweet! Nothings wrong, just that when I deleted my blog last month I did it without saying anything, so I wanted to say sorry LOL! Oh well, you know me, I'll be lurking about here and there, just left a comment with a Pappy guy who has a terrible bunch of Obama hating followers! Left him a nice little comment LOL!! Now you have fun with Rocky, but be careful of the dreaded rabies, makes me nervous and I'm a city girl living in the somewhat country, kinda like redneck country. NO, I'm not a redneck but my sister is married to one. their house was broken into and her hubby is standing out in the screen porch with all his hunting shotguns around and telling the cop he's gonna strangle the guy, sis says it looked like a scene from "Deliverance"!! OK, now i'm rambleing on and taking up space!! LOL! TTYL!! xo Sue

  • Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden

    He is just SO sweet, and so is your voice... I'd be lured to it as well, lol.... give-me-cracker-...

    Too funny how he was trying to shove one cracker in his mouth and run off with another, hehe..

    I'm sure you've looked this up, but I thought this site had good info on the subject.

    I'd be feeding him too, and Kevin would be having an absolute fit.
    You go Snow White!!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Crazy coon lady of "fill in your street name here".

    He really is adorable. I was watching the Little House on the Prairie episode where Laura takes in a baby raccoon as a pet and then they have a rabies scare with he bites her. I thought of you!

  • Donna Marie

    Hey Justine! Rocky is soooo darn adorable! He goe so close to you! In no time he will get use to you.. just keep in mind that his little cute behind is a little critter and should he treated as such, from a distance!

    Oh yeah... look at your fist pic... it looks like a big penis print on the pavement! (hahahahahLMAO)

    Donna Marie

  • nikkicrumpet

    FREAKING DOCTOR DOO-LITTLE Justeeeene! I'm so glad you can talk to the're gonna have herds of those cute little varmints invading your house in no time! I LOVED the video.

  • Life on Bonnie Lane

    This is seriously cool! Yeah, I know they are varmints, but Rocky is so adorable!

    Come see my latest posting. Life has just handed me a huge shit sandwich.


  • NurseChessie

    This is frickin crazy. Can't believe he's answering to his name already. so smart. Just be careful you don't make him reliant on you for food. He is awful cute though.

    love ya

  • squawmama

    OMG girlfriend... How cool is that... I think he loves you and soon will be living on your porch. LOL LOL I love Rocky and think you will be able to train him... I use to feed the raccoons all the time in the park... they would come up and take food from our hands... This was a great post...


  • Sue

    woman you are crazy!! I'm 60% female and your saying you must have a penis at 67%?? Whats that make me have LOL!! I had to laugh out loud when Nikki said she's a DUDE, OMG!!! LOL!!

  • Sue

    BTW, I once knew a hermaphrodite(?), he was my grandmas neighbor, would come over and play canasta(?). (a card game?? LOL) OH my I gotta get some sleep...

  • Raxx - A day in the life

    Ok, I'm sorry, but that is just wrong! lol!! That little critter is just after a free meal!

    Your video had me scared, it kindah reminded me of a horror movie! I could just see Rocky foaming at the mouth screeching coming from between those boxes, hey it was done at night! I cant help it if my mind wanders....................

  • Picket

    Hey girl..I was raised in a family of big time raccoon hunters..I grew up with those little critters..use to play with baby ones like they were dolls! I'm glad you tried the recipe and liked it...girl I made a big batch of it tonight with the rice and some pinto beans in it...ohhhh it was so good..Jen & her family came by...then youngest daughter-in-law and the 3 grandbabies came by and I fed them...I love it fixed that way! lol Our company just went I better head on to bed myself...take care girl and be careful around your new pet...Have a great weekend girl!

  • Rhea

    That's so cool! But I have a feeling this may end up biting you on the ass...

  • Buffie

    Aw howk cool you got him on video! I thin he DOES recognize your voice! What will he do when you move??? He'll miss you!

    LOL Donna Marie!!!!!!!

  • Jill

    Of course Rocky loves YOU! The food is just his bonus. I echo some of the other careful.

    Have a super duper weekend!

  • AJ

    Found you through Nikki and just wanted to say I've enjoyed your sense of humor:) Hope you don't mind me blog peeping!

  • mrsben

    What a cute little guy! (Just be cautious around him as they are susceptible to Rabies.) Okay....promise me.

  • Sara's Sweet Surprise

    Rocky was soooo cute. I watched the video twice. Hmmm, maybe you could leave a trail of crackers leading to your new backyard.
    If you don't feed him who will? He seems too domesticated to survive on his own. I'd think you could feed him cat or dog food to receive the proper amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Face it, your Rocky's Adrianne.

    Sweet Wishes,