Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Got Fleas?

So, a few weeks ago, Jill had to be in Jacksonville for 5 nights because Gianna was having sinus surgery.  She didn't want to leave all 5 dogs home with Wayne so she asked if I could watch two of them; Liloh the tiny Chihuahua, and Reeses, the puppy Dachshund.

Of course I said yes, even knowing that neither one is completely house trained and I'd be giving my steam cleaner a strenuous workout.  I love dogs and in this rental house we're not allowed to have one, so this would be fun, right? Wrong!!!!!!  Every time I turned around there was another puddle or pile and one time I even stepped on it and it stuck to my big toe.  I screamed and the girls and Jimmy just sat there pointing and laughing at me as I hobbled to the kitchen to spray Fantastik on my poor poopy toe. Disgusting!
Now Liloh is just a really ugly dog.  I mean, butt ugly and is even bald behind her ears and her entire tummy.  But she loves me and she adores cuddling, so I was never alone on my bed.  I'm used to this with my cats, but at least they don't try sticking their tongues in my mouth.  Liloh, on the other hand, thinks this is rip-roaring fun.  And her breath!  Someone pass that dog a Tic Tac!  
So anyway, one day as I watched tv and communed with Liloh, I noticed something brown scurrying under her very white and very sparse fur.  Flea? No, can't be!  Not in MY house, said me!  But it was!!!!!!!!!!  EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I called Jill on her cell and blasted her!  "Your brought me your dogs with FLEAS on them?  Are you nuts?"  "No", she said, "They were just treated a week and a half ago.  The flea problem is coming from your house!"  But how could that be?  My three kitties are indoor cats. They're all clean and beautiful.  They would never allow a flea on their pristine fur.
So, the five long nights pass, and Jill  picks up Her Poopiness, Reeses, and Her Peepeeness, Liloh.  Ah, dogs gone, fleas gone, this is GREAT!  Until one day when I was laying on the bed with Poo and noticed a little brown thing scurrying under her white fur.  Oh nooooooooooooooooo!  Can't be!  Not on MY kitty!  But yes, she was INFESTED with them.
 What seemed like hundreds of tiny little blood suckers were crawling all over my beautiful Siamese.  Did Jill do this to me?  Well, at first I thought so, until I remembered that two months ago Poo had escaped the house and was missing for three days, before Jimmy found her on the golf course.  And it never crossed my mind to treat her for fleas.  I was just so happy to have her back!
So, in the tub she went.  If you've ever been around an angry Siamese, I don't have to describe the noises coming out of her.  Positively eerie!  But she got her bath and hated every second of it.  Dead fleas all over the bottom of the tub.  
Next came Zoe, my feisty three year old.  

She put up a valiant fight, believe you me, but in the end, Mom won and she too was clean and missing a few pounds of fleas.
Now it was poor Simmie's turn.  I say "poor" because Simmie hasn't been looking well and has lost a whole lot of weight recently.  My baby barely fought me at all which I knew was a bad sign and knew that a trip to the vet the very next day was in order.
She was a sweetheart while being examined, poked and prodded, and it turns out she's got a very hyperactive thyroid which now has to be treated with medication twice a day for the rest of her life.  It was actually a better diagnosis than it could have been, so you won't hear me complaining.  And while we were there she was given a pill called Capstar, which kills all the fleas within 30-45 minutes. More pills were taken home for Poo and Zoe, plus Revolution flea treatment.  All three kitties were treated and seem to be completely flea-free now.
But what about the house?  Well, I flea bombed it today, but nearly caused a self-inflicted tragedy on myself.
 I had all three cats, plus their litter box out in the truck with the car turned on.  Kids were outside waiting for me to set off the bombs.  Madison's room?  Check.  Close the door.  Mikayla's room?  Check.  Close the door.  Next it's off to my room, close the door.  Family room, done.  But then I realized I was barefoot and that I'd left my shoes in my room!  Egads, it was so foggy by now but I had to have my shoes!  So I quickly ran into the room and got them.  But then I realized I didn't have a paper I needed to drop off while we were out, and went looking for it in the kitchen.  Then suddenly, my vision went wonky and the room started to tilt!  I was so scared but I forced myself to run to the front door.  If you've never seen a 200+ pound woman running, I've gotta tell you, it's not pretty.  But at this point, vanity was out and survival was in!  I got outside and just plopped my ass down on the first available surface and gulped in fresh air.
Long story short, (okay, not so short) I was okay, the kids were okay, and the cats were meowing like crazy, but it seems like we are now FLEA FREE!!!!!!!!!!!  Got sheets and blankets tumbling around in the dryer and tomorrow will have to be a big vacuuming day.  Oh, the joys of having fuzzy critters in the house!  It sure makes life interesting!
Until next time, Justine :o )

25 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Tootsie

    that last comment about the tootsie cat is from me! I forgot to sign in!

  • artis1111

    Love this one!!Last year we had fleas. I found this stuff you put on the yard an it last all season. There are squirrels here and they go along the top of the fence. As they jump along the fence the fleas fall off to my yard. Any way that is my flea story .Great job on youre blog.Kathy

  • Bridget aka BLGeee

    Are you still alive? How about the fleas?

  • Buffie

    Gianna is just a cutie patutie!!!

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Yikes. Thanks for sharing THAT! lol! Well you sure can tell a story. I'm glad you're okay. And the kitties too. So what aboout poor Jill and how busy she is and now her dogs have fleas?!?!?!?! You owe her big time! lol.

  • Four in Costa Rica

    I can't believe you went back into the house! You're crazy, Girl!

    Glad to hear you're flea free (and I bet the kitties are happy too).


  • French

    Ok~~~tag your it now come and visit me! Cute blog not bad for being a newbie~~I am still trying to figure out a bunch of stuff I feel so computer stupid at times~~wish I had taken it in school years ago!! French;)

  • Primgal55

    Hey girl! SO glad you found my blog so I could find you! WAY KEWL!

    Sorry about the d#*#$ fleas - no fun!

    hugs, Linda

  • Anonymous

    Well how is Jill and her puppies? I am fine and the day we came home was the last day they had fleas on them, thanks to Justines cats! My dog's were treated with Frontline before they were brought to her house and while I was at the Ronald Mcdonald house with Gianna I received a nasty phone call from Justine yelling at me that my dog's have fleas. I yelled back and told her how wrong she was but she refused as usual to admit to her guilt. Turn's out she was wrong all ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am flea free as usual and thank goodness for that with having 5 dogs and a hairy cat!


  • Justine (Justwaaaa)

    Ooh Jill, you are SUCH a bitch! You're lucky I even posted this! LOL

    Love ya sis!

  • twizzis

    Hi Justine, your blog looks great...and your daughters are just adorable. What a wonderful way to chronicle your life's comings and goings. You're a very down to earth kid of gal...I hope stay that way forever!

  • Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity

    Justine, My sister-in-law brought her new puppy over once. It had fleas. I had to treat my cats. Well, I had the vet do it. And bought some special flea killer stuff from the vet for the house. I never.. want to go through that again. Your blog is looking great.

  • SchmeckyGirl

    You go Jill!

    Uh Justine... maybe you should use this blog to tell how you really feel since other people won't post your comments!

  • katdish

    Hi Justine,

    Ugh! Fleas - been there, done that. Regardless of where the fleas came from, you are a good friend and sister for taking in the dogs. I checked out Gollum's blog. Who is this mysterious person? I posted a comment, but she didn't post it. Good thing I'm not easily offended. Very cool blog, anyway. Do you think she's someone that you know from RMS? Based on her last post, I'm guessing she's from the south. Hmmmmm.....

  • katdish

    Fleas! Ugh! Regardless of the origin of the fleas, you are a great sister and friend to take the dogs in.

    Thanks for the link to Gollum's blog. Who is this mystery woman? I wrote a comment, but she didn't post it. Good thing I'm not easily offended. Do you think she's a regular on RMS? Hmmm.....

  • katdish

    Okay, this is the 3rd time I've tried to post a comment. Let see if it goes through.

  • katdish

    Oh, duh. Comments moderation. Please excuse my dumb self.

  • Justine (Justwaaaa)

    Katdish, I had to laugh as I was going through my emails and I kept getting more and more comments from you. I know, I know, I probably should have spared you and not published all four of them, but this just made me GIGGLE! Thanks for coming by, and stop in again!

    Justine :o )

  • Justine (Justwaaaa)

    Becky, there's only ONE person that won't post my comments and we know it's Gollum. Hey, it's my blog, I can speak freely if I want to! Switzerland my ass!

    Justine :o )

  • SchmeckyGirl

    Yeah I know. Gollum won't print my comments either. Well one I asked not to print but I wanted her/him to know how I felt.

  • French

    Hey chickie~~~I know he's a cutie that's why I am married him~~~lol French;)

  • gloria

    pant pant phew phew!! I finally made it here, bet you thought you got rid of granny farkle not in your dreams. Great story about the fleas been ther and done that.Can those flea bomb really kill people?
    I really like your blog girl you are doing great. will be back to catch another fun story from you.have a great time here in blogland.Oh and I thought Gollum shown all comments new one for me did't know that. stay cool Justine.

  • Anonymous

    This story was hilarious! Thanks for giving me a big laugh this morning! But now I feel all itchy............


  • mrsben

    Gollum, not Switzerland? Maybe I'm missing something here, but I just came over from Gollum's (by clicking on your your name)????? Just wanted to congratulate you Justine as for a 'rookie blogger' I think you are doing exceptionally well. Computing can be difficult enough without thinking about something to write about and you should be proud of yourself girl. Have a good weekend! TAKE CARE -Brenda-

  • SchmeckyGirl

    LMAO!! I was looking over your blog just now and Peyton said Hey Mom! I know what that is... that's an armadillo! And I said Yes, it is.
    Then we scrolled down and she said Cute puppy and when she aaw the balding dog Liloh (?) she said Oh a pig! Oink!