Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Yeah, it's me, can you believe it?

I figured if I didn't write something soon there would be a mutiny in blogland.

It's been about a month since I took this hiatus and it took me until today to figure out what the hell my problem is.  It's this.  I've been feeling disenchanted.  Unable to write about what I really want to write about.  Imagine how you'd feel if the thing that had been foremost in your mind was off-limits for your blog.  How would you deal with that?  How would it make you feel?  Disenchanted!!!  Right?  Right?????

I can't get into any details, but let me just say that my title should give you a tiny clue.  No, it's not me who's gone bat-shit crazy, but someone in my vicinity.  This psychotic individual did everything in his/her (ooh, it's a he-she?  Possibly... never thought of that)  Anyhoo... they did everything they could to try and smear my character; using lies, deceit and their sociopathic (Def:
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.)
tendencies to do so.  Did it work?  Of course not.  The person is bat-shit crazy and everyone but he/she knows it.  Sad actually.

Pitiful, in fact.

And why did this person turn vengeful?

Get this.  You're not gonna believe it.

Because I hurt his/her feelings.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Usually, the proper response to having your feelings hurt is to tell the person who hurt them.  Either work it out, or no longer be their friend.

If, on the other hand, you're bat-shit crazy, you can instead make up a ton of lies, corner the husband and children in the street and profess those lies as fact, then run your crazy-ass mouth all over the neighborhood trying to garner sympathy because "Justine is so mean."

You could put in complaints to Facebook that your "wildlife photography" is being used as a copyright infringement and also tell Facebook that Justine is stalking youBut then Facebook just looks at your chat history and such and sees that Justine has had almost no contact with you in months.  Stalking indeed.

You could then contact blogger and cry copyright infringement there too.  But Justine has written proof that she was given permission to use said pictures.

To further your cause of stalking and infringement, you may go into Facebook and blogger and take down every single comment you've ever left so that it looks like you never knew me.  Good for you!

I still have copies.

So.  When all this came to fruition, did I run from house to house, shouting at the top of my lungs that I'd been done wrong?  Did I show proof of each accusation being a lie?

No, I didn't, although I do have proof, and plenty of it.

I'm not quite sure how to definitively prove that I haven't had several affairs while married, but that's neither here nor there.  The people who matter know that's not true and that's good enough for me.

All this time I've been seething while taking the high road because I wouldn't allow myself to be heard, except to a token few whom I'm close to.  For the most part, it will remain as it has been for over a month because staying quiet, not naming names, is the right thing to do, both legally and morally.

I guess this post doesn't actually fall under the category of "staying quiet" but it does, on the other hand, fall under the category of, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

It's hard to fight crazy because it just makes the crazy person more crazy.  Of course, ignoring crazy person probably makes them even more crazy.

Which, come to think of it, is kind if fun.

Imagine Nurse Ratched as one of the patients and you'll kind of get an idea about him/her.

This also comes to mind.

Confused yet?  I'm sure most of you are.  Some know exactly what I'm talking about.

Things here have been nice and calm for about a month now.  But how much do you want to bet that said bat-shit crazy person is going to read this and then strike out on another war path against me?  I guess that would be okay, being that he/she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.  As long as he/she stays the hell away from my home and my kids it's all good.

End of rant.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She's Flown The Coop!

Nah, not really, but I sure have been absent as of late, haven't I?  I do apologize that I haven't been by all of your blogs.  This is the first time I've ever gotten in a bloggy funk so bad that I can't even motivate myself to read them!  Ugh.

I'm in the midst of a semi-busy week with aunt Barbara and uncle David coming this Sunday.  I am so excited to see them!!!  Even though yes, uncle David will drive me nuts, no doubt about it.  Right uncle David?

Jimmy is in Ontario, Canada, so, I've been trying to get some deep cleaning done. Ya know, the stuff you don't do nearly often enough, like wiping down the floor boards, giving the doors a good cleaning, touch-up painting and stuff like that.  I've also been trying to make the guest room more welcoming, to Jimmy's utter chagrin.  Chagrin.  What a weird word.  I mean, who the hell even uses that word?  Well, I guess I do.

Anyway, I bought a very simple quilt in bright white, something that is totally different than what I'd usually choose.  Here's a picture of it.

It just came today and I haven't yet put it on the bed.

Of course I wanted to add some color to the room but nothing blaring.  I was looking for soothing.  So, I got these drapes.

They're not due to arrive until Friday.  I was going to put the curtain rod up today but I couldn't find the cordless drill.  Jimmy "cleaned" the garage last week and now everything is in weird places that they totally don't belong.

One last thing before I go.  On Easter morning at my in-laws' house, this cardinal kept perching himself upon this really high tree and singing.  He was just so beautiful but I wasn't sure I could get a good shot of him because he was in a neighboring yard and at least 30 feet up.  I figured it was too far for my $200 Nikon to handle.  I was wrong. 

Check him out!

I don't know what the hell kind of tree that is, but I LOVE it.

Is he my photography skills not spectacular?

Orange blossoms smell soooo good.  I miss that smell.  We don't have orange groves this far north in FL, unfortunately.

 And lemon blossoms smell divine too!

And that is the conclusion of my flora and fauna (or should I say, wildlife photography... ahem) pictures.

Hope you all are having a great week!  And remember, if something special is going on, please email me and tell me to get my ass to your blog!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunday Scramble 4-4-10

I cordially invite you to join me each week in the Sunday Scramble.  The SS gives you a chance to write down your scattered, random, or just plain stupid thoughts.  No rules apply here.  I give you permission to write anything that's on your mind, whether it makes sense or not!

I don't expect many people to link with the SS this week, it being Easter and all, but I decided to put up a quick post of my own anyway.  Gotta keep those scrambled thoughts sharp!

Please forgive me for not getting around to your blogs this past week.  Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we enjoy the most, and this has been one of those times.  If I've missed any important announcements or posts that you feel I must read to make your life complete, please let me know and I'll make a point of stopping by!

Okay, I'm stumped.  I don't think I have a damn thing to tell you about this weekend.

Oh wait!  I can tell you about the newest silly stupid thing Jill did.  That's always fun!

Earlier today she was at the bank in the drive-thru.  She took the container thingy out of the vacuum tube thingy, did what she had to do, and then hit Send.  Off the container goes through the tube, right into the capable hands of the bank teller.

But it didn't.  Get to the bank teller that is.  It never came out.  The teller looked up inside the tube, Jill tried to look from her position in the car.  The container was nowhere to be found.

Just.  Gone.

They're looking at each other through the bulletproof glass, both with puzzled expressions on their faces.

Finally, the teller decides to call the manager.

It was at that time that Jill glanced down.

You guessed it.  The container thingy was in her lap.

I shit you not!

She then proceeded to finish her transaction as she spoke on the phone with our dad.

Just one problem.

She was so involved in her conversation that she forgot she was idling in the drive-thru lane.

For like 5 full minutes.

When she finally realized where she was (does it sound to you like she was fit to be behind the wheel today?) and how long she'd been sitting there, she looked up to find that, thank goodness, no one was behind her.

And the teller was gone.

Probably went home for the day.  Ya know, while Jill just sat there in her vehicular phone booth.

A couple weeks ago while vacuuming, my vacuum shut itself off.  I thought maybe the plug had come out of the wall, but nope, it was in there securely.  The on/off switch is on the side and I hadn't been near any furniture that could have flipped it.  So of course I decided it was a ghost, and immediately started talking to said ghost.

When I put an update about this on Facebook, (because, ya know, Facebook is my entire life and if I didn't share, my i-friends would feel desolate and incomplete.) my uncle said this:

"TOO MUCH DOG HAIR,vacuuums filters are clogged and motor will run hot and shut off due to thermocouple protection circuit.Get rid of that dog now!"
(I'm cringing at the spelling and punctuation there, by the way.)

To which our friend Cindy, replied:

"why does your uncle(?) hate that dog so much?....."

Do you have any idea how many people have asked me this very question?  So uncle David, why do you hate my dog so much?  You haven't even met her yet!

He doesn't hate my dog, peeps.  He's just trying to be funny.  Key word:  Trying.

When Strudel is calm she's a pure joy to be around.  Just look at her laying with Mikayla.

At least, I think that's Mikayla under there.

This week, Madison painted this at school.  It immediately made me think of Donna and Ralph and their Adventures with Tassie, as they've been in AZ, enjoying the saguaros in the desert.

Bitchayla strikes again!  What is it with her and her friend Kat, and their inability to leave my Robert Pattinson calendar alone???

Let's get serious for a moment.

In the nearly 2 years I've been blogging, I've been constantly surprised and amazed at the generosity and love that can be found through this platform.  I don't care that Jimmy refers to people I haven't met in person as "i-friends".  I-friends you may be, but I have felt your hugs, your prayers, your love, through the distance of many miles.

Through this venue we call blogging I have connected to others in ways that probably wouldn't be realistic if we'd first met face to face.  I have come to know and love men and women vastly different than me.  Reading their stories, sharing their lives through pictures and words, has given me the opportunity to get to know them at my own pace.  There are some that I cherish as a family member of the heart.

All of that was leading up to tell you that Stephanie, over at Mama Still Wears Gucci is one of those special people.  Sure, she likes everyone to think she's a stuck-up bad-ass, but really?  Underneath it all she's all gooey and squishy and lovable.

Okay, okay, I have to be totally honest.  Steph is a snob, and of the highest order.  But, she seems to wear that badge proudly and without apology. 

I think I may adore her more because of it.

You know that a few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our sweet kitty, Poo.  It was devastating, but time is healing all of us and your comments and emails have meant the world to me.

And then last week I received a package from Steph.  She sent it just to cheer me up after losing Poo, to let me know she was thinking of me and hurting for me.

The picture is crap and doesn't do my goodies justice.  That's what you get for taking a picture at night with incandescent lighting.  But is that stuff sweet, or what?  It's a ceramic shoe with polka dots (BJ!!!), holding a sweet note pad and pen.  Then a book called How To Understand Women Through Their Cats.  I haven't yet cracked it open, but I know I'm going to enjoy it when I do!

And hellooooooo... every woman in mourning needs chocolate!  So, Steph obviously forgot I'm hypoglycemic and in sending the chocolate that I couldn't eat just made me more depressed.  Sigh.  It's okay, because Mikayla ate it all.

Okay.  I ate one piece.  I had to!  Come on, it's Ghiardelli for cripe's sakes!

Thank you, Steph, from the bottom of my heart!

Earlier this week, while having a discussion with Mikayla on forgiveness, she quoted one of Jesus's last statements while dying on the cross.

He said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they've done."

Simple, but so profound.  If Jesus could ask forgiveness of those who crucified him, why is it so hard for all of us to forgive people for much lesser sins against us?

I think that's something I'll pray for, for both me and all of you on this holy weekend.  The ability to forgive.

Happy Easter to all of you!

He Is Risen!!!

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