Friday, July 2, 2010

I Smell A Rat!!!

Sniff sniff.  Do you smell it?  Smells like rodent to me!

But not that rodent.  He's just too weird looking.

I'm talking about this rodent...

And she doesn't smell at all.

Try to tell me that's not a face you could love?  I'll tell ya what, I love that face.  I love this rat!  

Unfortunately, she's not mine until I kill her owners and steal her.  Her name is Cheesy and she is Madison's friend's beloved pet.  But for the next week, while Cheesy's family is away on vacation, I get to rat-sit!!

Ya know, while the rats mice are away...

I know you're all thinking I'm some kind of ratshit crazy, but... I adore her.  I adore almost all critters, but I especially love ones that will snuggle and cuddle, wrap their tail around you and lick you senseless.

And that's exactly what Cheesy does.  She's kind of like a dog, but with a disgustingly scaly tail and little beady eyes.

I think Strudel wants to eat her but we can't have that, no no!  So Cheesy is spending time between Mikayla's and Madison's rooms upstairs, with playtime downstairs while Strudel is confined to the bitch cave.

I'm in rat heaven!!!!

Did I mention that I lurvs her?

4 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Brianne

    Aw! I LOVE rats! They have such a bad reputation, but they are some of the BEST pets! No one ever believes me...

  • Cole

    I can't say that I love rats...but she is cute!

    Actually, I take that back. I had hampsters and gerbils as a little kid - which are pretty much the same thing. So, fluff up her fur and I'll adopt her!

  • bj

    GOOD GRIEF, TINEY....!!!!!!!

    And, I was just looking at your profile...are you STILL 39 ????:)))

    And do you have any earthly idea WHY, all at once, I am having to SIGN my username and password on every single comment I leave? It is driving me absolutely NUTS..

    O, and darlin', I hope your 4th is extra special...
    Love, bj

  • wendy

    Oh sweet twisted soul.
    I do not like ANY kind of rodent.
    The only thing I want wrapping his tail around me and licking my face is my hubby. (tee,hee)
    We have had a few hamsters in my day when my kids were little, but I wasn't fond of them even then.