Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Eventful Week

It's been quite an eventful week around here, what with the last day of school on Wednesday, and Mikayla's 13th birthday party that same afternoon.  She's not officially 13 until July 3rd but she wanted her party at a time when kids would be less likely to be away on summer vacations, so the last day of school it was!

This was, by far, the largest party Mikayla has ever had, 13 being a pretty monumental birthday.  So, when she requested an inflatable water slide I was only too happy to make it happen.

Little did I realize the damn thing would be this enormous!

You'll notice the dead queen palm tree.  Just more evidence of the exceptionally cold winter we had up here in North Florida.

Becau$e a water $slide tend$ to be quite expen$ive I kept the cost of the party down by not serving actual food.

Wait.  That made it sound like I served them crap on crackers or something, but no, I just kept it to light munchies.  Chips, pigs in a blanket(s) and a fresh fruit cocktail I made and put into a hollowed-out watermelon.  Please, if I ever get the idea to try and be creative with a knife again, implore me to drop the idea.  I suck at it.  My "basket" looks like it's lined with jack-o-lantern teeth.

Jagged fruit aside, the party was a smashing success.  About 16 bikini-clad teens in my back yard, squealing constantly while flying down the slide.  What impressed me so much about these girls is that none of them seemed put- out by 4-year-old Gianna and 3-year-old Jasmine, that wanted to be escorted down the slide.  Many of them pitched in with nary a complaint.

Look at my Poopy Pants in her 'kini!

Mikayla's biffle, Katy.

There goes Alexa, catching some air!

Jessica on the left, Mikayla holding baby Jasmine on the right.

At one point Jimmy started filling bowls with ice water and threw it on the girls as they came down the slide.  I got some pretty cool shots of flying water.

Of course there was cake.

And presents!  Mikayla made out like a bandit with tons and tons of gift cards.  Yay!  Shopping!

Some slide video...

That night, Mikayla went home with Jill to spend a few nights and met up with us yesterday at my brother's house for my nephew, Jonny's graduation party. I don't think I ever showed you any of the pictures from the play of his I went to months ago, so I'll throw some in here now.

Click to play this Smilebox photo album: Jonny

17 "Sister" Lovin' Friends Said:

  • Screwed Up Texan

    Your jack o lantern has something in its teeth!!!

  • Ronda's Rants

    I love your watermelon (okay that sounds weird!!)The slide looks like a really cool idea and I love the pictures of the ice water in air!!

  • Brianne

    I think you rocked the watermelon basket! If I tried my hand at it lord knows what I'd end up with.

    You earn like a billion cool points. That slide looks kickass! I would have been out there going down it too! lol

    A hearth? lol I love your stories Justine!!

  • Gweny

    Justine, your pics of the water Jimmy threw on the girls was fantastic!!! And I love your watermelon bowl. Its lots better than I could have done:)

  • Tabby

    That slide Rocks! I would of love to have been there playing with all the kids. I do not think your watermelon looks to bad, I tried to make one once and I massacared it totally. That is great Mikayla got gift cards just what every teen wants so they can shop, shop, shop. Jill looked mad in the picture she is probably like stop picking on me...LOL! Have a good one.

  • Irritatingly Optimistic

    Fortunately we don't have watermelons that big over here, neither do we have weather hot enough for a water slide party.
    It looked like everyone was having great fun - except Jill that is!

  • Cole

    You did an awesome job with that watermelon bowl! I'm impressed. :)

    It sure sounds like you've had a busy time lately!

  • wendy

    I love that you have this great relationship with your sis that you can poke fun at her. (she IS ok with it, right?)

    What a great party. That slide is HUGE and awesome. The photos of the flying water is incredible.

    and personally, I LIKED the halloween, crocodile mouthed watermelon holder dish thing.

  • Grand Pooba

    StupiT??? Hahahaha!

    Oh man how I've missed you and your "Jill is stupid" stories!

  • NurseChessie

    aw, man! I am sooo jealous of this. I love anything with water and that thing looks AWESOME!! I want to go to a water park (fat or not) but mickey won't go with me. sad sad sad; Couldn't see the video... bummer; I bet Mikayla is the cool kid for that party! and btw your watermelon rocked! don't be so hard on yourself;

  • Swirl Girl

    I think your watermelon basket came out great! I would hate you to see my chocolate dipped fruit experiment which went horribly bad.

    The water slide looks like a blast! Did the grown-ups partake??

    (oh, come on - you know you wanted to )

  • Ginger

    What a great party planner you are!! The kids look like they are having a blast. Happy Birthday to Mikayla.
    I like your watermelon basket. Not an easy thing to make.
    Did you ever go down the slide?

  • Life on the Edge

    Wow, that water slide is DA BOMB! You are the best mom in the world for getting that for her party! Very cool pics too.

    I even like the watermelon fruit basket. I'd have probably cut my hand if I tried something like that, and we all know that blood and watermelon do not a good combination make.

    Cute nephew too!

    I finally posted. You'll want to read it and hear my news!

    Life on the Edge

  • Sophia

    What a party! Lucky girl! I'd love to ride that big blue blowup...but the last time I rode something like that, I broke my pinky!!! hahahaha :D

  • Michele

    Wow...that slide is huge! It looks like way more fun than I ever had at my kids parties! And as for that watermelon...I think it turned out awesome...I honestly don't think kids care what it looks like as long as it tastes good!

    Hope Strudel is behaving...miss ya on here, but then again, I've been kinda absent too!


  • Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    You totally rocked that watermelon bowl! I have never even attempted that, because I know I'd probably maul the poor sucker. ;)

    That water slide is ginormous!! But oh so much fun was had, eh? :) Happy (early) Birthday to Mikayla! :)

  • Trooper Thorn

    That is the coolest backyard slide EVER!!!